1. WLeg

    Vista / Server 2008 SP2

    Anyone running it yet ? What's the feedback ? Download here if you haven't already....
  2. U

    Honda VTR SP2 (Laguna Seca Rep) Y03

    It a sad day ive decided after thinking long and hard its finally time to sell the my bike :( i have owned this bike from new march 2003. covering 7591miles with full honda history and receipts. (currently on SORN, with no MOT run out march 08) If anyone is interested please send me a pm i...
  3. U

    Honda SP2

    my other get around (very sunny days only tho!) lol
  4. jukie

    Celeron D & XP SP2 problem?

    Anyone know if there is an issue with the above? I know of a couple of people who are getting random blue screens, mainly on boot-up but occasionally when in the middle of an app such as Word or Excel. I know it could just be a dodgy RAM module but I'm sure I've heard that there might be a...
  5. WLeg

    OT - Windows XP SP2 RC1

    Is now downloadable. Microsoft Info Download Link
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