1. B

    5 x Lorinser style 18” alloys with SP9000 tyres (W202 / from my beloved C43)

    Immaculate Condition / Nothing Refurbished / No gutter scrubs / New & Almost New Tyres / Perfect example! (ET 35) Bullet points> • 2 x brand new (never used or fit to car) front wheels and tyres / 225 18 40 • 1 x immaculate condition wheel and tyre 225 18 40 • 2 x immaculate condition...
  2. B

    Dunlop SP9000 Tyre Pressure?

    Hi All, what would you recommend in terms of tyre pressure to run my 18" x 35 Profile Dunlop SP9000s on (=more of a generic question on 35 profile sports tyres having not had them before)? They state 350KPa / up to 60Psi for max pressure capacity but I'm driving more on London roads than...
  3. guydewdney

    Dunlop SP9000's - any good?

    For a CL 420 front - I run pirrelli P zero asymetrics ATM, and the dunlops came in cheap (130 a boot as opposed to 180+ for the pirrelis) looked at dunlops website - no comment on how they compare wear wise to otehr dunlops - or noise, or grip... just lots of 'theyre really good' waffle. I...
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