1. modelman093

    W205 spacesaver ?

    Don't fancy a trip to the Black Forest with only a bottle of glue and a pump in the boot. Any recommendations ?
  2. G

    GLC Spacesaver

    Does anyone know of a spacesaver from another Mercedes model that could be used on a GLC Thanks
  3. S

    w205 Spacesaver wheel bolts

    Can anyone tell me if I need shorter wheel bolts when fitting the correct steel spacesaver wheel to my W205 Sport 220 Bluetech.
  4. MarkyMark

    '02 C Class Bits: Owners Book, Command Manual, Spacesaver Kit, First Aid Kit etc

    Hey Guys Just selling a few bits I have left from my car. I've put them on Ebay, hopefully that's ok to give a heads up to members on here? They all end Sunday evening. 99p start with No Reserve, they go for what they go for so could be some bargains to be had. Owners Manual and Leather...
  5. M

    Question: S211 Spacesaver wheel & bolts

    I have a 2007 S211 E Class E320 cdi Sport Estate, with alloy wheels with mixed tyre sizes which are 245/40 R18 on front and 265/35 R 18 on rears, as are standard fpor this variant. I note that the spare wheel is a spacesaver R17 wheel (2194000002). The triangle, chock, toolkit and jack...
  6. Benzowner

    Spacesaver Spare Wheel Urgent Request

    I have to drive to Southampton tomorrow and one of my wheels has been cracked and is unable to be fixed untill Monday. Would it be OK to drive to Southampton and back to Bristol on the space saver? Obviously at no more than 50mph
  7. markjay

    'Dent' is space-saver

    Had a look today at my Space Saver, and spotted a strange 'dent' - on both sides. The wheel and tyre have never been used. Is this normal, or is it some sort of deformation that occurred while the tyre was stored in the boot?
  8. T


    A silly question!! I have lost my spare wheel well (lpg Tank) so have purchased a spacesaver spare via ebay!! It is new unused from a 203 so will fit my 202 est for the silly bit,if I ever have to inflate it and use can I then deflate it back to its original size..I wish to get a bag...
  9. T


    Would anybody happen to have a 15" or 16" spacesaver spare wheel to fit w202...Have just gone to LPG so no spare wheel well anymore! Thanks in anticipation:) 07760218666 anytime. Jim
  10. smillion

    Who needs the space-saver?

    Getting ready for another haul down to the South of France, I remembered that on our last trip to France (Paris) we had a blowout on the autoroute and had to drive home at a steady 60mph (300+ miles).:crazy: I vowed never to take anything but a proper alloy after that, and have just put one...
  11. R

    Spacesaver wheel

    Have I told you that I recently bought a C32 AMG estate?! (Only about 5 times, now get on with it) Where the spare wheel should go there is nothing, nil, zilch, nowt! Very useful for hiding away a briefcase but shouldn't there be a spacesaver spare on these cars? And does anybody know what...
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