1. CleanShirt

    Helloooo from Costa del sol, Spain.

    Hi Everyone, my name is matt, (but you can call me cleanshirt, haha). I am the proud new owner of a 2003 E270 CDI AvantGarde. A little old now, i know, but she's still beautiful. Glad i found this forum as i'm sure to have lots of questions. (Bit of a DIY man).
  2. I

    MB C63 W204 '08 from Spain

    Hola chicos. Me llamo Ismael. Soy el orgulloso propietario de un Mercedes C63. Un saludo desde España (La Rioja) Thanks Marcus!
  3. V

    hello from sunny spain

    just bought a vito van its a 110 year 1998 its covered 467000 kms been used to deliver coffee so not been worked hard interior is very good passenger seat looks unused picked it up yesterday drove it home over the mountains back to almeria about 125kms drove great plenty of power no smoke...
  4. M

    Greetings from Spain!

    Hi everyone! First of all let me apologize for my poor English, my mother tongue is Spanish and, altough I obtained my degree in the US, that was a long time ago and language is like a car, tends to rush if not in use! Anyway my name is Manuel, aka Manu, I'm from a major city in the north...
  5. M

    Hi fro Spain

    Hello Everybody, I am a new member since today. My name is Miguel. I drive a W220 S400CDI. I attach a picture. Anything you need from Spain you can contact me. Greetings.
  6. Chrishazle

    Northern Spain / Portugal - Recommendations Please

    Starting to plan a trip next June to celebrate ruby wedding and wife's 65th birthday. Having some years ago enjoyed a 10 day trip to Northern Portugal (stayed in Viano de something or other and toured from there) we had far too little time in Santiago de Compostela, so are thinking about taking...
  7. D

    Southern Spain in 2-3 days?

    We are heading down to Tarifa soon for a few weeks for an extended birthday celebration with friends. (Spanish Atlantic cost next to Gib). We've been there quite a few times but usually via ferry to Bilbao and then a day's dash down south. This year I've been told we are driving the whole...
  8. bestinuk

    Newbie from Spain

    Hi Everyone My name is Steve been driving Mercedes for years but not posted on a forum for a few years hope to change it. i have an SL63 2009 Pic attached
  9. jeffwebb

    In Spain.

    Saw a Lorinsa SL today. No idea of provenance or spec but what a beast. On Swiss plates , no time for photos, i want one !!!
  10. grober

    Spain Train CRASH Near Santiago De Compostela

    Spain Train Crash Near Santiago De Compostela. It would appear some of carriages derailed first rather than the engine unit. WARNING FAIRLY EXPLICT VIDEO [YOUTUBE HD]oH_IjAxDwLo[/YOUTUBE HD]
  11. P

    Moving Euros from Spain to the UK

    A friend of mine accepted an offer for their flat in Spain on impulse. The buyer paid in full by cheque which has been deposited in my friend's Spanish account. All of the legalities have also been sorted. They returned home to the UK with 10k of Euros in 500 denomination notes. They have found...
  12. S

    Rain in Spain and my 250TD

    I've had my 250 TD Kombi for twenty years in Spain and each year in February when it rains it floods in the passenger foot well. Each year I try to fix it and I have never been able to get it dry. What it isn't is 1/ sunroof drain holes 2/ drain holes left and right and center. 3/ heater It...
  13. C

    320E Classic in Spain

    My son lives in Southern Spain and has spotted this 320E classic. I think it is an ok buy, but I would very much appreciate the panel's opinions and what he should particularly look out for.
  14. H

    Driving my CL600 bi turbo from Reading to Spain

    Hi all, So I traded my old 2001 CL 600 in against a 2003 CL600 bi turbo and off i go. A few problems concerning ICE module and ignition coild pack and a cooling pump which Star in Reading dealt with superbly i was away. I got the ferry to Calais and then drove down through France towards...
  15. Mr E

    Spain and back

    Mrs E managed to grab a cheap apartment on the Costa del Sol a few weeks back. Flight costs were astronomical - bank holidays, half term, etc - so we decided to take the wagon for one last hurrah into the sunshine. Drove each way over two days, stopping in Vitoria on the way down and in...
  16. 3 phase

    Could only happen here in Spain

    I heard this the other day on the radio and nearly drove off the road laughing. To be honest it isn't so much funny as barmy!!:confused::confused::doh::eek: ... 0408.shtml
  17. timskemp

    SLK Rental - spain?

    Am taking the wifey for a few days in spain for her 40th, does anyone know if I can get an SLK or similar from Malaga airport for three days (10/11/12 may)
  18. DSLiverpool

    Recommend a villa in the Canaries / Spain

    3 of us for a week in May, no kids so prefer quiet - fed up looking and will throw myself at the mercy of the esteemed members :crazy: What do you think chaps
  19. C

    Hi everybody from Spain

    Hi folks!!! I've been reading from you time ago, but i was a little embarrassed to write here beacuse of my english (it's been a lot of time that i don't use it, so it isn't good enough). Here i go :o Greetings from Spain
  20. st13phil

    Another Trip to Spain

    It seems like 2010 was the year for roadtrips to Spain what with ***, DRUK and Carnut13 all driving around the place. While Angie and I have toured Spain a few times on a motorcycle, September saw us do our first trip there on four wheels when we took her SLK over and toured around a few...
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