1. Spinal

    Spanish Car Hire Scam?

    I've been looking to hire a car in Spain for a week, only to find that most of the car hire companies are looking to charge for a full tank of fuel up-front... with the intention that I return the car empty. Leaving aside the difficulty in returning the car empty, does anyone know what they...
  2. grober

    Mercedes on the front row for Spanish Grand Prix

    As above. Rosberg 1 and Hamilton 2 1) Rosberg 2) Hamilton 3) Vettel 4) Raikkonen 5) Alonso 6) Massa 7) Grosjean 8) Webber 9) Perez 10) Di Resta 11) Ricciardo 12) Vergne 13) Sutil 14) Button 15) Hulkenberg 16) Gutierrez 17) Bottas 18) Maldonado 19) Van de Garde 20) Bianchi 21) Chilton 22)
  3. Druk

    Learning Spanish

    We're planning an Argentine holiday in mid January. At the moment I don't speak a single word of Spanish, (well, maybe one) so I'm gonna have to learn asap. Any recommendations from forummers as to the best/quickest/easiest way. gracias. :D
  4. verytalldave

    Spanish commercial

    Quite a tear jerker this.......................... YouTube - ‪Ninos con Cancer Ad‬‏
  5. Thmsshaun

    Spanish Speeding fine. Help please.

    Firstly hello to all the members who know me. Currently out in Kuwait and Iraq keeing pretty busy. Secondly I am not trying to get out of this just after some honest opinions. Not least how to go about paying it and where you stand after 2 months. Due to my limitations in Kuwait my lodger...
  6. HughJarse

    Whats the quickest way to learn spanish?

    As topic says... any suggestions from people that has worked? Ive tried various tapes and methods such as Michel Thomas and Rosetta Stone, but can't seem to find a one that works for me! Any suggestions?
  7. mark.t

    spanish property crash

    other countries soon to follow ...with the interest rate up this year in our country...... hard times look set to follow.....give it a year and its buying time again
  8. D

    spanish keyboard

    Any one know how to change my keyboard from eng to spanish so I can complete my spanish homework. I believe you alt ? but cant seem to work it out. Gracis.
  9. M

    Spanish Scratches

    Spanish scratches :- Just an observation. I have just returned from my annual fortnight and this year we delighted in the pleasures that Spain had to offer. My wife daughter and I were strolling back from the beach, inflatables and bucket and spade in hand when my daughter pointed out that...
  10. Thmsshaun

    Spanish Property

    Interested if many members own properties in Spain or indeed any other European destination either as a holiday home to rent out with a view to moving over permanently or to renovate and sell on for profit. Any views appreciated.
  11. glojo

    Spanish Grand Prix (Spoiler)

    How nice to see Raikkonen on the winners podium. Reliability has been awful but today both he and the CDI powered McClaren were faultless. I am still suspicous of the conduct of the FIA over the BAR saga. Having now read dozens of reports on the fuel tank I have little sympathy for this...
  12. guydewdney

    anyone speak spanish (not OT...)

    theres a guy on the other forum who is from brazil, and as far as i can make out from his babel-fished writing (very polite... but totally incomprehensible, obv done with a bad translating machine) is that he had a nudge, and the body shop has screwed up his SRS system by not attatching his...
  13. Sp!ke

    Dont Mess with Spanish police

    This is one way to pull over a motorcyclist Click Me (3Mb)
  14. kikkthecat

    Those Spanish know colours

    Well I just got back from a week in Mallorca, and a couple of interesting things happened. Firstly I hired an A class for the week. After filling in the paperwork I was given some keys and went outside to see 2 cars, one was a wonderful bright red. I made a beeline for it and as I was about to...
  15. L

    Spanish help

    Hi My parents are moving to Span next Monday and will be in the market for a second hand estate, They have a buget of about £3500 so what cost do oil burning estates run out at in Spain??? Any and all help appreciated. Mark
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