1. D

    W211 rear brakes ring spanner size

    Can anyone tell me what size(s) of ring spanner I need to remove the rear brake hoses? Obviously want to make sure I have everything I need before disconnecting anything. Also, any other tips on this job would be appreciated, car failed the MOT on rusty brake pipes up in the wheel wells. I've...
  2. J

    Flex Head spanner?

    Hello MBClub. First post. Recently purchased a new kit so I can finally stay on top of repair work. The kit I purchased is the Bahco 94 Piece Socket & Spanner Set Heaps in the kit and great value. Only Issue is I have never seen the Flex head spanners in use before and have been...
  3. C

    service 2 spanner on dash

    C200 estate cdi 2003. 140000 miles .needs b service is there a service sheet / list of wot needs doing I can download and do myself or does it need to be done by a Mercedes garage thanks
  4. M

    Fan clutch spanner m104 m119 m120

    Not the usual fare for this section, but a very useful special tool for an irritating job. As MB special tools are usually crazy expensive, this seems like a bargain at £6.25 inc delivery. Not original MB but should do the job. Bergen 65mm Fan Clutch Hub Spanner, for MERCEDES AT174 | eBay
  5. C


    Please contact me as I am interested in the wheels Rgds
  6. SilverSaloon

    W124 parking brake adjustment - spanner size

    Hi I adjusted my parking brake at the drums, but also need to adjust the centre bolt now. does anyone know what size spanner it takes, as i need to do this away from home so need to take the spanner with me :o 89 in the pic below: cheers! Derek
  7. S

    Spanner Torx or Hek, engine confusion

    Hi, I have been searching and searching the forum to try to establish what specific tools i need: Basically I have been told conflicting advice and feel confused. I do not have a service book, or work book. do mercedes have these? I have a class w203, diesel 2002 coupe. I think the...
  8. 0ptic

    What type of spanner should I use?

    Hi I need to replace the belt tensioner on my 1999 C200 auto (W202). The bolts holding it on are a strange type of torx looking shape. A 10mm socket fits a bit loose but a 9mm wont go on there. One is behind the mech and I tried to use a 10mm ring spanner but it's loose too. I don't want to...
  9. W

    What a spanner

    Having just bought this E-Torx socket set from Halford for £15, to then realise I needed a 17mm, so popped back to buy a single 17mm for £12(!), imagine my joy to now find that Lidl from next week will sell this torx spanner set 6,8,10,12,14,15,17,19 for £20. I'll consul myself hoping that the...
  10. Adamerc

    A140 Showing Spanner & Clock & -8

    My guess its saying that car is due for service....I don't know what -8 means ..yesterday car was showing -6 today it has started shoing -8...could anyone explain what these numbers mean
  11. st13phil

    Workplace Parking Levy - Boots put a spanner in Nottingham's plans

    Looks like Nott's City Council's latest money-making scam could backfire if Boots follow through with their threat. I really hope they do :thumb:
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    Ripping CDs in iTunes - huuuge track lengths put a spanner in the works

    I've noticed this a few times now, most recently Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid. When ripping a CD in iTunes, one or more track apears to be absolutely huuuge, many hours in length. In this latest case, Track 1 is 59:58 and Track 2 is 15:04:22!! :crazy: Those tracks appear not to play...
  13. mobeyone

    M602, a spanner & a Black Passat

    Well, day off from work, me the mrs and wee one head into manchester for some shopping. On the way back, a clown in a black passat pulls along the outside of us but two cars in front and indicates left when he can only go right.... cuts a lorry up and zooms in. We stroll in behind but remain...
  14. wongl

    What size spanner for bleeding brakes on W202?

    Planning to bleed the brakes on both my W202 (one is 1995 and the other is 1998), but cannot find any reference in the Hayes Manual or online for the correct spanner size. Any ideas? Also any ideas how much brake fluid I need to buy from Stealer per car? Thanks
  15. McGreggor

    W202 Jack n Spanner

    Hi, I've come to realise my boot seems to be lacking the "toolkit" mentioned in the manual, I cant even find a wheelnut spanner :( Unless its hidden away somewhere, I'll need to get a new one, but I'm tempted to just get a torque wrench off ebay and keep that in the boot as ze germans say to...
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