1. ringway

    Looks like BTB 500 and Charles Morgan have had the spanners out.

    They've been up to something... :D d96B-x8NPag
  2. flango

    Back on the spanners, Back on the forum

    Hi All Not been posting much as been on a job in the Wilderness of Canada so very little Internet access, however I'm back now and decided to take advantage of the weather today. As some know the CLK is about to become my daily driver for a short period whilst I reorganise the family fleet...
  3. B


    Hi All, Does anyone have the looking tool and fan spanner to enable me to do the water pump on my 2002 ML 320. I have already purchased and sent back said items twice as the holes on the locking tool were too small for the nut heads on the pulley. I am located in basingstoke and would either...
  4. L

    Bag of spanners (aka my 300d engine) sorted!

    My w124 300td engine sounded like a bag of spanners crossed with some angry typists and a nail gun. It smoked quite badly, and it was weeping oil from the head gasket around the chain cover. I did a diesel purge with 1l of "diesel purge" which quietened the engine quite a bit - it sounded great...
  5. Kinky

    Bag of spanners

    Not good news ..... Started up the car this morning aok. Put it into reverse at which point the gearbox [I assume] started screeching with a high-pitched metallic screeching. Reversed out, dropped it into D, still screeching ..... Driving down the road - it runs AOK - no delays in...
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