1. jdrrco

    Spare bulbs in France

    We're off on our annual pilgrimage in a couple of weeks and, going through my checklist, I was reminded that it is compulsory to carry a spare bulb kit at all times. My W212 has LEDs everywhere including the ILS set up at the front, so a "universal" spare bulb kit wouldn't contain any bulbs...
  2. A

    External spare wheel mount for Vito

    Hi. I've just bought a 2006 Vito Compact and want to mount a spare wheel on the outside rear of the van (has a bottle of gunk instead of a spare at the moment). Anyone done this before? Thanks, Alex
  3. optimusprime

    w124 coupe on ebay spare parts .

    Just came across this on ebay if anyone needs any parts . Item number -- 311924837177 By the way the wings are nbg . Thats why i was there .
  4. S

    ML W163 97-2005 Rear Spare Wheel Carrier

    Ho folks, just wondered if anyone has one of the swing out rear wheel carriers fitted and would be so kind as to nip out with a tape measure and jot down some dimensions for me, it would be a great help :thumb: Hopefully there will be a picture below with what I need, maybe not, can't use...
  5. B

    Spare tyre and tyrefit bottle

    It only just occurred to me that it's slightly odd that my car has the tirefit temporary fix can, but also has a spare wheel. Is this perhaps because the spare won't fit over the front discs? Or is it just a belt and braces approach?
  6. J

    Spare part found!

    Can anyone help please? A few days ago I had my w205 c350e valeted. A couple of days later I notice a rattle in the drivers glove pocket. I put my hand in & find this odd looking part..... it has a MB number on it..... A2048205575 I'm making an assumption that the person cleaning the car has...
  7. D

    Syncing Spare Key

    Recently purchased a 2010 CLC200. The spare key does not work so I have replaced the battery. I've seen in a couple of places you put the key in the ignition, turn to position 2 and so on... Trouble is the key won't turn because it does not seem programmed/synced to the car. What can I do...
  8. A

    Do you carry a spare wheel?

    When I got my car there wasn't a spare in the boot, so I've got myself a spacesaver that fits in the space under the boot. Those things are heavy! I understand many/most new cars no longer come with a spare to help their MPG figures and I can kind of understand that now, I've noticed an...
  9. way318

    Spare wheel

    Hi, picking up a CLA tomorrow but it has no spare wheel, we're can I find out what's the correct one for car and I'm assuming I'm going to need a Jack etc? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. freespirit

    Spare wheel carrier

    Any idea where I can buy one these without paying stupid money ? Thanks
  11. PaulXC

    CLS W218 & E Class Space Saver Spare Wheel & Tools

    CLS W218 & E E Class W212 Space Saver Spare Wheel, Brace & Jack All Mercedes parts: Part numbers: Wheel A2124013302 Jack A212580018 Brace A2215810001 Wheel - unused but a couple of odd marks from storage. I bought it for my 2015 Shooting Break which came without a spare...
  12. B

    CLS C219 Spare rim

    17" rear rim from 07 Cls open to offers. Tyre is not legal as has a cut in sidewall.
  13. GlenQ

    S500 Spare Wheel Rim

    I have a a spare wheel rim for sale. May be useful for someone, It's on ebay: Mercedes S500 W220 16" Spare Wheel Rim | eBay
  14. kithands

    Space Saver Spare for E350 S212 2014

    After having a couple of punctures recently, I feel I need to carry a spare. No spare because of adblue tank. Have seen a space saver bundle at for £140 (would not trust the jack). Has anybody bought this, or any suggestions. Thanks.
  15. M

    Spare parts for w203 c class 2003

    No panels left exept rear bumper C class coupe black Lots of other parts Car completely stripped
  16. D

    Spare wheel size

    Hi, I have a GLC AMG Line Coupe on 19" wheels with no spare. It has 255/50 tyres on the rear and 235/55 front, given the difference in tyre wall height would one space saver be suitable for use front and rear.
  17. N

    Spare wheel lugs for SL280

    Hoping someone can advise - after a puncture I found I did not have wheel lugs for my spare steel wheel, as they need to be longer than those for the AMG alloys fitted to the car. Local Mercedes dealer no use at all, said only available with new car and cannot recommended substitutes as damage...
  18. H

    Wanted W163 ML Rear spare wheel carrier

    Wanted complete W163 rear spare wheel carrier
  19. A

    Space saver spare wheel frame

    The space saver spare wheel holder on my W163.113 looks like (see attached) - it is not the first, or the worst, one I have seen so badly rusted through. They seem to be good at collecting salt water in the winter. I would have thought that this would be a good market for such a part and that...
  20. A

    Spare wheel for W203 with staggered wheels?

    When I bought my 2006 C350 (W203) it didn't have a spare wheel, and I'm finally getting round to thinking about getting one. I'm slightly confused what I need though, as the wheels are staggered (17"). Could somebody please let me know what the car would have come with so I know what to look...
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