1. R

    Who do you speak to to have an account cancelled?

    So I tried contacting admin twice now -no response. Why can't I get my account cancelled please, I still managed to login out of curiosity today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. B

    MB of Carlisle - who to speak to

    Been trying to get my car booked in for a service and have asked for a best price but the man Ive spoken to never got back. Who's the best person to speak to without asking to speak to "The Service Manager". Ive built a good relationship with my other dealers and like to know who Im...
  3. Druk

    Anyone speak Finnish?

    I ain't got a clue either but there are some very interesting pics in here if you want to trawl your way through. Just ignore the bird on the quad. Goad knows how she got in there... Mersuforum.net • katso viestiketjua - Onnin rojektit--->606 .
  4. developer

    The Vagueness of Consultant Speak

    Oh how I love consultants................ "We are a close team of professionals offering fresh and original in house training and development. We have wide-ranging experience and expertise to design and deliver what you need to succeed in today’s business climate. We work across the private...
  5. nick.ged

    wish i could speak german!

    Preishit! 18/1990 Mercedes 300 E-24 AMG 3.4 mit 272 PS on eBay (end time 22-Jun-10 22:55:00 BST)
  6. PJH

    Anyone speak Kurdish ?

    I have an Iraqi lady pupil whose English is not very good. Could you translate some instructions / explanations for me so that I can help her become a safe driver. Despite passing the Theory Test she doesn't have much clue about road sense. They don't even have road marking in Iraq....:crazy:
  7. R

    Any one speak german

    I recently won a item on german Ebay. Can any one translate this into german please: Hi there I have just won item XXXXX on Ebay at a cost of XX euros.Could you please advise me of the total cost including postage to London and your address for payment Many thanks
  8. Benzowner

    Anyone speak latin?

    I am working with a local football team who needs a logo, and they have come up with "Generous in defeat, humble in victory" but for some reason they want it in Latin. Can anyone do a translate for me, I have tried search engine but I am very worried I will get the translation wrong and have...
  9. barryj

    Youth Speak

    I am starting to feel very old at 36, the guy in my local takeaway said the following last night when I pulled up in my wifes CLK to pick my meal up: "Sick vert bra its kicking" roughly translated means "Nice convertible vehicle brother it looks in good shape" :D Anyone else tied in...
  10. E

    Who to speak to ? AMG related

    My local (Northampton) dealer knows nothing about my car.. having never seen a CL65/S65/SL65 before.. they don't even have that model in their database.. Is there anyone at Merc headquarters that can answer questions for me regarding my car ? Does anyone have contacts ?
  11. guydewdney

    anyone speak spanish (not OT...)

    theres a guy on the other forum who is from brazil, and as far as i can make out from his babel-fished writing (very polite... but totally incomprehensible, obv done with a bad translating machine) is that he had a nudge, and the body shop has screwed up his SRS system by not attatching his...
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