1. S

    W205 'Burmester' speakers

    Of course I mean the HK speakers. Might I have some professional opinions please? Will these rainbow speakers, which are usually replacements for beamers, fit on a W205...
  2. P

    Buzzing noise from car speakers

    I have an aftermarket mp 5 in my car fitted with original iso connector and i have a buzzing noise from the speaker only when the engine is on.Can anybody help me?
  3. brucemillar

    W124 Occasional loss of speakers?

    Guys On my 124, I occasionally lose all speaker output? It is almost as if the radio has been muted!! All speakers just stop, nothing, nil, zilch, not even a background whisper of hiss. I know that this is not the head unit as I have the same issue with other units I have tried (and they...
  4. MB-tex

    w124 rear door speakers advice

    Hi All Just about to replace non functioning original rear speakers in my 124 estate with some similar blaupunkt items. Speakers in the door card rather than in the plastic handle. The hole in the door is 100mm, the removed speaker front diameter is 130. There are new units for sale of...
  5. KoFidee

    W447 Vito ICE Upgrades door speakers

    Ok looking to install Component Focal speakers to the doors 130cm (tweeter in dash) Anyone know what depth there is behind factory installed speakers? I assume I will need MDF rings also gonna get them fitted when van goes in to get interior door handle sticking issue resolved ,so not wanting...
  6. C180AMG71

    C180 Speakers

    How many speakers are in an 14 reg C180 AMG, I may change them all for JBL or Infinity ones to get better reproduction of mids and bass.
  7. G

    Speakers suddenly not working on one side

    Purchased a used approved C Class Coupe (2012) in April 16 from MB Stevenage. Went away for 10 days recently and dad drove the car to work and back once, got a tyre changed and got it valeted. As soon as I get in it, I notice that the sound/music is only playing on the passenger side. I checked...
  8. D

    Dali Lektor 1 bookshelf speakers as new

    As above, boxed. First class condition. Read the reviews. Very highly rated speaker. £120
  9. Darrell

    Wireless speakers.

    Poking for the above for the bedroom. Doesn't need to make the house shake but would like a decent sound. Max price approx £250. At the Westfield now in the Bose shop. Are they worth the bread?
  10. mitadoc

    W246 audio speakers upgrade

    Hi folks, I don`t like the sound of the stock Audio 20 speakers. As the car has been bought as approved used, I didn`t have the opportunity to upgrade with HK Logic7 which has been only fitted in factory, as MB sale adviser assured me. In that case, an audio upgrade is the only...
  11. D

    C124 speakers have all stopped working!

    I recently overhauled the stereo system in my 1990 300CE, fitting a Pioneer DAB head unit and replacing the front dash speakers for a pair of Crunch 130mm's and a pair of Infinity's for the rear. The DAB receives signal with a splitter using the existing electric telescopic aerial. All was...
  12. L

    W219 Front Speakers

    Took the covers off my front speakers so I could then remove the speakers to fix a squeaking window. Well the factory fit standard speakers (not HK) are not the best thing in audio excellence, a plastic spider really!! So I am considering upgrading them. Has anyone done this and have any...
  13. B

    Logic 7 speakers

    Anyone else had issues with theirs ? One of my speakers seems to have given up ? Only apparent on some tracks but definitely an issue its not as crisp as it should be ? Easy to find ? Easy to replace ? Expensive ? I'm going to try get it done on warranty from the garage but advice first...
  14. The _Don

    Jamo concert 11 / D870 speakers

    The above wanted willing to travel to collect. Cheers
  15. F

    2004 CLK 320 Clock and Speakers

    Hi It seems that the clock in my car has gained about 15 minutes over time. It adjusts to BST changes but is always about 15 minutes fast. Is there anyway of re setting the clock? Also does anyone know how to balance/set the back speakers? I cant hear any volume from them. Any help would be...
  16. D

    W220 Door Speakers

    Afternoon Everyone, I have a 2004 S320cdi and both passenger side door speakers make a farting sound rather than play real sounds ! Is this just a case of swapping for new speakers ( if so what size should be looking for) ? or is there the normal Mercedes million other problems that are...
  17. S

    Upgrading the rear speakers on a CLC 350 2002

    I'm thinking of upgrading the rear speakers in my Merc CLC 350 2008 since they sound worse than the front speakers. Can i fit any speakers with the same size or is there some things that has to be matched with the stereo? I have never done any stereo builds before, however it does not feel to...
  18. demetrios

    Changing OEM speakers

    Hi guys I want to upgrade some of the speakers in my 500SL Anyone know what kind of specs I need? It's the small speakers on top of dash (tweeters) first. Also how do I take off the grills for those and the ones in the door? Do I need to remove whole door panel to get to those?
  19. B

    No sound from the speakers

    I finally replaced the dash speakers with CRB-120PP 2-Way Coaxial Car Chassis Speakers 60W Max 4 Ohm on my e280 estate as the old ones, Kenwood, were blown. I have left the back speakers, old pioneer, as I like the ‘retro’ look. The head unit is a Becker Mexico radio/cassette. After some...
  20. M

    2015 E350 Speakers / EQ ?

    Hi all, I've just returned back to the MB fold with a 2015 E350 AMG Night Premium which I'm mostly really happy with :) The only thing that I'm dissapointed with so far is the sound quality, I have the Comand system, and have tried adjusting the treble/ mid / base - but hte sound just lacks...
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