1. D

    Merc specialist in Forfar scotland

    Very knowledgeable on Merc, has up to date star diagnostics Stocks genuine MB spares for Mercedes Had my car surveyed by owner, very professional, long lead time to get repairs as he is very busy. Got my keyless go working yippee! But not all good news however I now know what is...
  2. rockits

    Anyone Recommend Glassfibre Specialist in/nr Hertfordshire ???

    Can anyone recommend a glassfibre bodywork specialist? Ideally Hertfordshire way or somewhere reasonably close or that neck of the woods. Thanks
  3. FateSynchro

    W211 - E63, Gearbox issues - North East Specialist????

    Fellow AMGers My dads W211 E63 is having some random issues, it occasionaly gets stuck in gear and will only drop out of said gear when turned off and restarted. He said the EML came on once but has gone back off now. I have a scanner which i'll use this Friday, but i just wonderd if this...
  4. N

    Independant Merc specialist in Middleton ,near Rochdale

    If anyone needs servicing ,repairs etc I can recommend Paul at MPH PRESTIGE in Middleton. Thoroughly nice guy ,who has just sorted my Aircon issue for me at a fraction of the cost of Merc main dealer. I need to be able to trust whoever is working on my car and Paul was a genuine guy who knows...
  5. G

    Gearbox specialist needed for Vito 722.6 box

    Hi guys, new to the forum, so go easy. My van, a 2007 Mercedes Vito 122 cdi crew van with a 3.0 V6 diesel engine and a 722.6 auto box, which I believe, has recently developed a fault whereby as it slows down and you don’t apply the brakes, there is a noticeable/ loud squeaking or squealing...
  6. M

    Independent Service Specialist

    Hi New to the world of Mercedes ownership and wondering if anybody can recommend any good reasonably priced independents in the Wakefield/Leeds are of West Yorkshire. Thanks Matthew
  7. del320

    Specialist advice required.

    I'm hoping the collective knowledge of Forum members might assist with suggestions as to how to dispose of a five foot long, 5 inch guage model steam locomotive. It is an unpainted model of a Thompson B1 LNER 4-6-0 built in 1948 by North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow. It has not been...
  8. S

    AMG specialist dealers- out there?

    Hi all We have a W211 E55 saloon and a W212 E250 cdi estate. Given our combined mileage in the family is less than 10k a year, my man Maths suggests it would be better to consolidate to one car (a W212 E63 estate). My question is what are the main specialists out there that have good amg...
  9. ss201

    Mobile Mercedes specialist in North Lancashire

    A fellow Mercedes-Benz Club member contacted me today, asking about the whereabouts of Mick Gudgeon, who is no longer at Lime Tree Garage at Halton, near Lancaster. Until last month, Mick was joint owner (with his ex-wife) of Lime Tree Garage, but they have sold the garage, which is now...
  10. M

    M B specialist in Bolton

    Does any body know of a MB specialist in Bolton Lancs.?
  11. K

    R129 Specialist South Wales

    Looking for someone who can sort out the roof and rollbar operation of my 1999 SL, preferably in South or South West Wales. Tried a local MB specialist here in Pembrokeshire but he has been unable to resolve it. Any recommendations?
  12. R

    Main dealer or Specialist?

    Opinions please? Is there perceived wisdom in staying with a main dealer and cost after 5Years? Just acquired an SLK 200 auto which requires 5year service etc. Dealer has quoted £230 for 'alignment' to full digital record and further £840 for auto fluid/filter (which is needed) plus next...
  13. ss201

    AutoBarn, Wirral Specialist: phone number change

    Please note: from March 6, 2017 the contact telephone number for AutoBarn, Mercedes specialist in Ledsham on the Wirral will change to 07914 805586. Andy, the sole proprietor has decided to dispense with the garage landline as he is so busy with customers' Mercedes...
  14. morgyface

    Pricing: B Service+ with local specialist.

    I've got a 10 year old C class estate. Love it. Reliable and comfy. However, living in the depths of Cornwall, specialist mechanics are hard to come by, I've taken mine to a local chap for the last three services, despite him getting mixed feedback, the work and price has always been pretty...
  15. Modelmakerman

    Independent MB Specialist in Bristol?

    My Viano is due a service and I'd like to have a few niggles checked out. Can anyone recommend a Mercedes Independent Specialist in or around the Bristol area?
  16. S

    Wanted specialist in Edinburgh area

    Anyone know of any specialists in or around the Edinburgh area
  17. h17n dj

    W126 Gearbox Specialist

    Good day all, I currently have the engine and gearbox out of my 1991 500SEL (W126). I am looking for a place that will inspect the gearbox as its out. Nothing wrong with it before I took the car off the road but want it inspected for peace of mind and whilst its off the car. I am located...
  18. Petrol Pete

    MB specialist near Bath/Bristol

    Has anyone here used SJB Motor Services Ltd in Keynsham nr Bristol ? If so , how did it go ?
  19. S

    Jaguar specialist

    Hi Could anyone recommend a Jag specialist in the Liverpool/Manchester general area? My son needs a bit of work doing on his S-Type Thanks for any help. Steve
  20. ringway

    Thank You to Nick Webster Mercedes Specialist Poynton Cheshire.

    I would like to thank Nick Webster Mercedes Specialist in Poynton Cheshire for their superb work, honesty, fairness and outstanding customer service. LINK. My S210 wouldn't start a couple of days ago. I had been getting a whiff of diesel near the front of the car and having replaced the high...
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