1. D

    Specialists in Devon

    Hi guys. I'm new today. I just wondered if anyone can recommend a good dealer in or near Newton Abbot. Recently or regularly used. Cheers Del
  2. T

    Any good indy specialists in East London?

    Looking for a good indy in East London if anyone has any recommendations? Thanks
  3. J

    Mercedes Specialists

    Hi All, New to this forum. I have a 2014 CLS Shooting Break which now needs a B service. I live in Denham near Uxbridge and work in Chertsey and would be happy to have it serviced near either location. Could anyone recommend a specialist near either location? Many thanks.
  4. M

    Independent Mercedes Specialists

    Hello MB club, I was looking at MB specialists around east London and found two: Gem-Tech in Romford and A1 Mercedes specialists in Layton. I wanted to know your experience with them and which one would you recommend based on price and customer service. Thank you for your replies
  5. F

    Essex Specialists

    Hi all. Just looking for recommendations for who to take the car to for a service / any additional work, in Essex albeit happy to travel if necessary. Cheers,
  6. MD5

    Liverpool tyre specialists

    Morning all! Can anyone recommend a good, competitive tyre service in the Liverpool area please? Nicked the sidewall on one of the fronts, so need a premature pair of 18"s. Grrr!
  7. F

    Specialists around Wiltshire/Gloucestershire

    Are there any? Just seems that Mercedes Sytner Swindon do not understand basic english. 'Contact this warrenty company not this company'. They ignore that and contact the wrong one and infact I have a claim accepted fraudunently. They seemed not bothered. I had to explain all this...
  8. M.A.94

    Specialists around the north east

    Any recommended mercedes benz specialist around the north east, ideally in newcastle or Gateshead? Thanks
  9. R

    Oh dear - 250sl Pagoda poss engine rebuild reqd - Nottingham - any specialists??

    Hi everyone - longtime since i posted.....phew...i wish i hadnt fallen in love with these pagodas.....anyway.....cosmetically my car is now 95%...mechanically (and i am no techy) the "big ends and mains" need replacing...does this mean i need an engine rebuild....other than a tune up i've had...
  10. M

    Mercedes specialists in Birmingham

    Had a shock today. MB dealer tells me I need a new alternator for my 2011 W212 E350 CDi. Quoted £1,000. Is this a bit high? I need some new discs and pads soon as well so quite a big bill on the way. Can anyone recommend a good MB specialist in or near Birmingham? PS I was a bit annoyed...
  11. J

    Gearbox Specialists

    HI all this is my first post :p . I have a clc 200 cdi and I want to get the auto box serviced. Went to a main dealer to get a quote "OUCH" they quoted me some £450 but the main reason I don't want to go to them is not the price its the fact that when I asked the nice young lady on the other end...
  12. M

    Specialists north of scotland

    Any recommendations for Inverness area?
  13. pem1

    Mercedes specialists Wigan Lancashire

    His all looking for a good garage to do me a auto gear box oil change and service on my class cdi c220 2006 ? Just hope someone can point me in the right direction ? Thanks in advance
  14. portzy

    Mercedes specialists East Yorkshire?

    Soon to be moving to Bridlington and wondered if anyone could recommend a couple of reliable independents, my car's now nearly eleven years old and I don't really want to use franchised dealerships. Thanks.
  15. H

    MB/AMG Specialists close to Gants Hill, Essex IG2

    Good afternoon all!! Ive made the brave decision of packing my bags from good old Leicestershire to East London- Gants Hill in particular. Ive brought the S55KL with me too but need to establish a reputable Mercedes/AMG Specialist in the vicinity. Appreciate your help with this one- thanks...
  16. lofty

    MB indi specialists

    Excellent MB indi central south coast John Haynes Durrington near worthing sussex. MB indi specialists all models tel 01903 500000 Lofty :thumb:
  17. G

    Independent MB Specialists

    Can someone please advise me as to what qualifies an MB specialist workshop to call itself that? Do they have to be approved by MB for instance? And if I go to one for a service is it recorded on the MB electronic system or on paper only.
  18. Screwdriver

    Audio Installation Specialists (for W123)

    Greetings! I purchased a JVC AVX 77 single din stereo and wanted to install it in my W123 Benz. The clean buttonless look preserves the 80s interior while allowing me modern technological connections. Sadly, I don't know much about wiring etc. and was hoping to get it installed without...
  19. W

    Prestige car specialists

    Took my c class for its B service to the guys at Glasgow prestige car specialists, in Govan , B service and gear box done. Car feels great to drive again. Cracking service at half the price Mercedes quoted me for the B service plus gear box service they should of done years ago on the car. Would...
  20. jack1990

    Mercedes specialists

    Hi all, I'm looking for a mercedes specialist in the north east. Anyone on here have any recommendations? Thanks
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