1. S

    ABS sensor references and specs

    I replaced a duff front sensor on my 2011 C-Class using a part from Febi Bilstein with the code 204 540 03 17. They said it fits and is suitable for the car. Mercedes found it does not work or give any signal. When I checked the part I dismounted it has a Merceds reference of 204 905 79 00. I...
  2. C

    Spring coil specs

    Hello, Can anyone provide a list with the specs(dimensions) for the spring coils. On my CLS 320(C219) the suspension is lowered, that is how I bought the car, but it is a bit soft. I would like to change the springs, but could use some help build them springs.
  3. Londonscottish

    2010 S212 E500 AG - trying to make sense of the specs

    Hi 212 owners. I found a sales brochure and price list for my 212 and am trying to figure out what options the first owner added. From what I can see a 2010 E500 Avantgarde had the following as standard; Airmatic, Direct Steering, Intelligent Light System (bi-Xenon, cornering lights...
  4. N

    Really cheap specs offer. 2 pairs, £15 incl. del. Ends Sunday midnight.

    From MSE, 2 pairs of prescription glasses for £15 delivered. I've just ordered. I make nothing out of this, just thought it was a ridiculously good deal, even if you just use them as spares or leave them in the glovebox, shed, 2nd car etc. Glasses Direct voucher codes, Discount codes & Deals -...
  5. R

    C63 black series specs

    hi, does anyone have a list of optional extra codes and descriptions that was available when ordering the car? I'm looking at one at the moment but want to know how highly spec'd it is? cheers :thumb:
  6. A

    Head lamp white specs?

    Cleaning my car today I noticed my headlamp lenses have tiny white ish dots on them, gave them a good rub but not budging Any ideas what thay are and can I remove them without damaging the lenses? Cheers :thumb:
  7. legonutter

    W203 torque specs for propshaft coupings

    Need these specs asap anyome know what they are?
  8. S

    B Class (W246) specs deciphered

    I'm at the early stages of buying a B Class, and am struggling to find some answers so thought it best to ask on here ... B Class W246 launched in 2012, and it seems there was a significant facelift in 2015. Between 2012 and 2015 some models have different displays in the instrument...
  9. P

    Battery specs

    Just some advice really Bought a Bosch s4 silver battery 800A 95ah two year ago , it came with a five year warranty After some problems with the starter motor the battery needs replacing so eventually they supplied with a replacement but it's a Bosch s3 720A 90ah. Looks like a model...
  10. gadget1960

    Wheel bolt specs and info

    Hi all, so .... I have my set of amg IV with a 2'' polished lip replicas 8.5 x 18 with 5x112 and et35 and 66.5 centre bore to be fitted to my 2001 w210, my questions are these ... the bolts I have currently fitted have the domed bolt head seating (NOT the straight taper type) but as they are...
  11. T

    CLC Interior Bulb Specs

    I am looking to change my interior bulbs over to LED ones and have looked everywhere for the specs of the bulbs for a 2009 CLC. Has anyone done this or know the specs ? Thanks in advance!
  12. A

    UK specs W212 migrating to a tropical country.

    I will be bringing back this E250 CGI W212 2013 to Malaysia for good. Is there any "tropicalisation" that need to be done to the engine? Some years back I had seen mercs that were brought in from UK being tropicalised. The obvious thing that was done was a radiator change. They might also...
  13. Lenny63

    C43 alignment specs

    Hi All New shoes (Conti 5s) going on very soon - all 4 Only noticeable issue is front driver tyre is wearing heavily on outer edge, therefore I want to get 4 wheel alignment completed Is it worth going to MB, as I believe there is a "repair kit" needed to adjust certain geometry - if so...
  14. sherco450

    amg mercedes wheels technical specs

    AS this question has been asked many times . l will have another crack at it. I am interested on technical specifications for AMG or Mercedes OEM wheels. it will be useful to know ,max load ratings ,weight of wheels, correct bolt sizes, rolling resistance . materials used and so on...
  15. Felstmiester

    C63 AMG Specs & options

    Been looking to buy one for a while. Could somebody tell me the standard spec of the C63. I've seen various stuff in wright ups such as rear electric blinds, hard drive, intelligent lights, adaptive lights. Need a bit of help as going to view a couple tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
  16. A

    E-Class Coupe W207 Wheel Specs

    Looking to get some alloys for my W207 E-Class Coupe just wanted to know what specs offset, wheels pattern i should look for. Looking for deep dish style wheels, any recommendations/pics on what to get and where from...
  17. WDB124066

    CLA45 AMG US Specs.

    U.S. Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG order guide - Mercedes CLA Forum
  18. A

    w124/s124 Sportline wheel alignment specs?

    Hello all Im about to change the tyres on my 93 E280 s124 and would like to follow up with a 4 wheel alignment. Does anyone have a copy of the factory alignment specs (camber,castor, toe, etc) and was there a difference between sportline/non-sportline cars and saloon/estate variants? Thanks
  19. L

    Engine oil specs. And viscosity.

    Hi, I am planning to do engine oil change next weekend, the first one on my E CLASS 320 CDI V6 7G ( W211) MB. recomands 229.51 and different viscosity according to related outside temp. So I went to a couple of oil website to locate the correct type of oil they both recommand 5w-30w for the...
  20. R

    W212 Rear-Seat Entertainment audio level specs needed

    Hello & Happy New Year. Wonder if anyone can help with this issue I have with my 2010 E-Class 350 CDI Estate. I ordered the car with the factory-fitted rear-seat entertainment option. All fine and works well with the headsets, however, our kids are a bit young to handle the remote control, so...
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