1. R

    Best man's speech...

  2. B

    Great Obama Speech, light hearted joking

    Great Obama speech, from this week Obama Jokes At 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner - YouTube
  3. Palfrem

    Help wanted for Groom's speech please

    I have 3 days left to write my Grooms speech. I've made a bit of a start, but with the collective wisdom assembled here I was wondering if anyone had any good material they may care to share?
  4. The Boss

    Best Man Speech at my wedding - the video insert

    ok, so this is some what embarassing, but some of you will chuckle, so no probs sharing it. Here is the clip shown during my best man speech.. all fictional may i add, but enjoy ;) GQTaoZ4FCVM
  5. S

    Help - Best Man Speech!

    I have the (dubious) honour of being the best man at one of my friends weddings soon. I think I've got most of what I need to do sussed, but I just need to sort out the speech now. Can anyone recommend any good books or other resources (web sites maybe) with advice on how to compose the...
  6. Geezer

    2010 Budget Speech

    Fergus Shanahan writes the 2010 Budget speech in The Sun: Far fetched?? The jury is out! He goes on to say: :eek:
  7. S

    Speech! Speech!

    I've just started writing my Groom's speech for my up-and-coming wedding. I've got as far as: "Hello" and I've hit a bit of a block. I was just wondering, I'm sure many of you are married or have attended many weddings at least - is there a groom's speech that stood out to you as being...
  8. Alps

    Wedding speech websites?

    Well its my time now, ive left this right to the last minute! Im getting married on Friday, and still havent got a clue about what to write in my speech! Any tips, ideas, volenteers to write it ;)
  9. High-Lo

    Text to Speech

    Have some fun with this No rude words please :D
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