1. C

    W208 M112 5 speed Torque converter. uprate? Refurbishment?

    Who's a good firm for doing this work? I have a w208 with 200K on it I'm about to fit a 3.7 engine I'd like to refurbish the torque converter. It was on the list of things to do anyway. Is it would uprating it in anyway or does a standard refurb do enough? From cross referencing...
  2. S

    W204 C200 CDI max. speed 150kmh (HELP)

    Hi, I do not usually do this but this time I need to cry for help :) My beloved W204 C200 CDI is seriously ill. Today I tested my car on straight part of non busy motorway to prove my concerns and it looks like my car does not go faster than 150kmh (around 95mph). When I reach this...
  3. Smart320

    Idle speed varying on ML 320 cdi

    Have just acquired an 2007 ML 320 cdi which is in very good condition with full MB service history , only 42 k miles and serviced only 500 mls ago. The idle speed ( about 900 ) has been checked after I noted before collection that I felt it was too high ( was OK according to the garage who...
  4. G

    Faint hot metal smell at speed?

    I recently noticed a very faint hot metal smell at speed, say over 90mph - on private roads, naturally ... :crazy: Is it ball bearings? - I had OSF replaced a few month ago. I also think it is when the S mode is selected, although I haven't driven in C mode for a while, other than in town...
  5. MB-BTurbo

    Reducing speed ratings?

    One of my summer tyres has a puncture and am considering using this to take the opportunity to replace the tyres to all seasons. I live in the Dales and would certainly benefit from them in the colder months. The problem is that most of these tyres either maintain their v speed rating...
  6. BAZ-500SL

    BREAKING MERCEDES W210 6 speed manual

    BREAKING , MERCEDES E220 CDI AVANTGARDE 2001, Y reg, 6 speed manual, Colour : mauve Engine and gearbox Avaliable For any part please call 07576195640
  7. E63AMG

    Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Hi all Anybody going this year & got any tips? I went a couple of years ago but am sure I never got round half of it! I'm heading down on Friday from Lytham for a full day there on Saturday if anybody fancies a brew. Nige
  8. Smart320

    Normal idle speed for ML 320 cdi

    Have bought a 2007 ML 320 cdi and when test driving it thought the revs at idle looked a bit high at about 850/900 . Can anyone tell me what it should be once warmed up
  9. ash59fifty-uk

    Speed different of a fast car, a really fast car, and a really really fast car

    Features an SL63 AMG, interesting watch! Apologies if posted before ~ https://www.facebook.com/rpsmedianetwork/videos/750443955115328/ No, you don't need FB to view :) *Difference... I blame my iPhone
  10. pmcgsmurf

    W211 E220 '04 Rear Speed ABS Sensor Intermittent Fault ?

    Hi Anyone done any of these faults found it to be more likely to be the ABS/Speed sensor or the Impulse Ring? Can get the Impulse Ring cheap enough (£12 Genuine Mercedes) but the ABS Speed sensor is over £100 for a genuine one. :eek: I'm assuming to get to the Impulse Ring it's a total strip...
  11. M

    7 Speed Torque Converter Drain

    Hi, I have a 2011 GL 7sp 3.0 diesel. It has just done 40,000 miles. I get a shudder from the torque converter when it is hot and stopped in Drive, it goes when it starts to move. I realise it is due a fluid change now so I have been phoning round. One independent quotes £225 but don't...
  12. Tuono-AMG

    Two Goodwood Festival of Speed Entrance and Roving Grandstand Tickets for Friday 30th

    Two Goodwood Festival of Speed Entrance and Roving Grandstand Tickets for Friday 30th June 2017 Two Entrance and Roving Grandstand tickets Unfortunately I'm now unable to attend this year's event due to work commitments. Original total cost £206.86 Goodwood FoS Festival of Speed 2017...
  13. BTB 500

    Speed Awareness Course and insurance (again)

    My mate Dave recently had the privilege of being offered a SAC and received the following info., confirming various discussions here: A useful summary, I thought.
  14. N

    Fan running at high speed constantly.....Please help

    Hello everyone, I have a 2009 E350 cdi coupe and have a problem with the fan running at high speed constantly. As soon as I start the car the fan runs at high speed and only switches off when the car is switched off. It runs at high speed regardless if the weather is hot or cold. My air con...
  15. M

    Erratic engine speed / gear change

    Hi Have a 2010 e 220 CDI with 5 speed auto. When car is cold the gear changes are quite sharp and the engine revs are dipping and raising quite vigorously as I drive along at say 30mpj. Car done 45k miles and just had transmission fluid change. Once car is warmed up the gear changes are...
  16. icewraithuk

    DAS/Coding help - Speed Limit/Cruise control display

    Hi, Weird one, I was trying to get the TPMS module I've retrofitted into my W209 working (it isn't, something about needing VeDoc updating) but in doing so I've somehow managed to turn off the display of whatever I set the speed limiter or cruise control to - both the big number that normally...
  17. M

    w211 Braking shimmy at slow speed

    Hi All, Having an issue with my w211 saloon, e270cdi 177k. When braking from high speed, it slows down with out any issues. Its only when going from 30-25mph to zero, is when the car whole shimmys OR weird slow shake before coming to a halt. Last mot identified a n/s/r carrier bush...
  18. S

    W639 CANBUS Speed Limiter Kit

    It's all the rage to watch your speed to within 1MPH these days, but I'd rather keep my eyes on the road than on the speedo. My W639 has a speed limiter, but not an easy way to flip it between 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 MPH. (In fact it is stuck at Km/h anyway) I'm wondering if the speed...
  19. clk320x

    Clunk when going over speed bumps

    I seem to have a clunk noise coming from the near of the car... This only happens just as I have come off a speed bump, i.e the rear of the car has just driven over the speed bump and as it returns to level road... (very hard to word this sensibly LOL) Basically as the rear bounces slightly...
  20. S

    1998 e300td auto box surge at low speed

    Hi guys I have a 1998 E300TD estate with an Auto box. Recently I have had a problem which I think comes from the gearbox. When I am driving through town the car seems to surge almost like the gearbox has decided to change up and then decides to change down again straight away. Just like a manual...
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