1. st13phil

    France bans sat navs with speed camera warnings

    Just picked this up on a motorcycle forum I frequent...
  2. G.O'Rilla

    Where can I get a 12v feed on w204

    Hi, I need to fit (via a wire not the fag lighter) my pogo alert (speed camera location detector) to my w204. As I'm a cheapskate and all I need is an ignition dependent 12v feed, I wondered if anyone knew where the easiest place to find this and how to get at it? Any and all suggestions...
  3. R

    Origin Blue Speedcamera detector

    Managed to get myself a OB i new for £250 and its great. But I know someone mentioned having one and they had it installed. Please could you tell me how you installed it in the ash tray. Thanks Ian
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