1. vijilants

    W204 battery charge voltage reading in speedo cluster ?

    Yesterday I called out Mobilo because I had a flat battery on my W204. The engineer that came out jump started it and then was monitoring the voltage values via an engineering menu in the car, but it was being displayed in the centre circle of the speedo. Does anyone know how to access this...
  2. Reggies

    Speedo troubles

    On my old car 1995 c180, the speedo dose not work for 3 to 5 mins, then it is ok, when I stop the engine and re start it, yet 3 to 5 mins again, then it all works. It is only the speedometer, now this is not the end of the world but just wondered why it dose this. :crazy:
  3. Reggies

    Rear wheel speedo sencers

    On the rear wheel, I believe there are speedo sensors. This is on my 1995 C180. Am I correct to clean them I take off the rear wheels, then unbolt 2 of the bolts that hold it. Then put a wire brush over them. The problem is my speedo will not work until I go 1/2 a mile then it comes on but after...
  4. Cymruambyth

    Digital speedo.

    The digital speedo in my car reads in km/h. I`ve been through all settings but can`t find any way to change to mph. Is there any way to change it???
  5. H

    New speedo cable Mercedes W123

    For sale are two speedo cables for all RHD´s 1x A123 542 0707 for all with manual gearbox £25 1x A123 542 1907 for all with automatic gearbox £25
  6. DanMorgan

    W210 Digital Speedo

    Hi All, I was watching a random YouTube video about a W210 and noticed they had a digital speedo read out like you do on most of the new Mercedes. I did a bit of research and apparently its setting in the trip computer but for the life of me I cannot find it. Does anyone know where I...
  7. DSLiverpool

    Has the speedo illumination gone ? W220 W215

    Or is it the state of "on" the car is in - to me it looks like the neon ring behind it has gone ? anyone an idea of £ ? please
  8. M

    W639 Viano Instrument Cluster gone crazy!

    Hi all! My 2006 W639 Viano LWB 2.2CDi with 62k kms on the clock has got its instrument cluster/speedometer spooked somehow. So last week I sent the Viano for some minor detailing work (compound polish, seal and wax) as its been a while since it was last detailed. The van was just as usual...
  9. streethawk

    w211 e320cdi sport speedo

    Hi anyone got any ideas what's wrong with my speedo. It will sometimes stick in certain places with a little fluctuation and some time move ok ish but completely wrong and it will also work perfectly but I have to disconnect battery to reset it. Sometimes the rev counter also stops working but...
  10. dotmikes

    Clk 230k w208 speedo fault

    Hi I have a fault with my instrument cluster. everything works fine apart from the lights (behind the speedo)that illuminate when the switch is turnt on. i have checked all fuses... under bonnet.. drivers side and the boot and they are working/not blown. intotal there are 4 bulbs...
  11. C

    560 sec speedo over reading

    Gents Have noticed the speedo on my 89 560 sec is over reading considerably compared to my other cars, using the Waze iPhone app and its GPS as a baseline. Eg 40 on Waze = 48-49 on speedo 60 on Waze = 70-72 on speedo Is this a common problem? I have standard 215/65/15 tyres and tyre...
  12. N

    Digital speedo wrong.

    It seems to thing the analogue speed is kph. Only noticed it today so I got my son to take a snap to show you. Why is it doing this?
  13. M

    2013 Vito - Digital Speedo in km/h

    Hi all I have just purchased a 2013 Vito Dualiner. First time I have owned a Mercedes so new to this forum. I'd really like to adjust the on screen display - especially the units of km/h to mph. The handbook describes how to do this - but I can't! any suggestions
  14. V

    Sprinter digital speedo in kmh

    Hi All My 2012 sprinter 313 digital speed readout is in kmh I have looked in the manual but can't seem to figure out how to change it to mph. Surely I don't have to have it in kmh permanently? Cheers Vin
  15. m2287

    208 210 202 genuine AMG speedo cluster

    Genuine 2001 CLK55 AMG speedo. Should fit in a 202 or 210 as far as I know but double check first please! £200 (these are £300 on eBay)
  16. babyblueCE

    W210 speedo LED bulbs

    Hello all. Does anyone know what bulbs I need to turn the speedo bulbs into LED please?
  17. M

    W126 speedo drive info wanted

    I am building a project 300se with a 5 speed auto box but I need to retrofit the electronic speedo. Now what I am wondering is the trigger wheel in the gearbox, how many teeth are on it.
  18. D

    Removing speedo glass

    I am now in receipt of my 2011 Mercedes C180. Everything about the car is brilliant. With just one snag. There is a dead spider behind the speedo glass, along with a web that the said spider must have created before its demise. Does anyone know the process for removing the speedo glass, I...
  19. V

    2002 vito 2.2 speedo problem. Odometer

    Hi all just joined. Started another thread but put too much in it. Limp mode. Won't rev above 3000rpm. Speedo showing 120mph @30. Gear selector problems for 2nd 4th. Key snapped in ignition After reading a lot about checking the obvious I.e vac hoses solenoids etc. I'm...
  20. M

    w202 speedo clocks

    Hi I have a c280 sport my speedfo clock plastic is cracked I won't to replace it if I brought new clocks is there a way of separating the front plastic from the clocks
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