1. H

    vito speedo fault

    Hi, having problems with the speedo on my Vito (2000 model). The speedo only works intermittently...almost as though it has a loose connection, which 'catches' sometimes and not others. I am assuming this is a mechanical cable rather than a digital one as the speedo clock is not digital. All...
  2. 1

    W123 Speedo Drive

    Dear all I am ordering a workshop manual for my W123, but in the meantime I am keen to fix the speedo drive. The PO told me this was the fault and passed on the required parts. Any tips on this job please - is it relatively straightforward? If the drive has failed, could it be due to a seized...
  3. H

    No Speedo, ABS & Brake warning lights stay on

    My ABS and brake warning lighs are constantly on, and also the parking brake light does not illuminate when the parking brake is applied. Reading through the various threads where similar issues have been discussed the problem could be either the parking brake switch, brake pedal switch, OVP...
  4. R

    2012 c class speedo in kph

    Hi folks, Just taken delivery of a new c class. Delighted with the car except for one thing. The little digital speedo at the bottom of the instrument cluster seems to be reading in kph. Tried all the settings but no luck. Anyone know how to change it to read mph?
  5. U

    W168 Speedo change to KM

    As the speedo on my A170 seems to have committed suicide with the ribbon cable coming off the PCB and the tacho knackered I obviously need a replacement and not even considering MB joke prices it has to be a used one. Availability of used metric ones is scarce and over 100€ in the scrap yards...
  6. mct_cars

    R107 Sl 500 Speedo

    Hi, After a good used SL 500 speedo from a post 86 car - part number on the dial A1075428501 or part number on the rear A0115422706. I'll take one with broken gears, or fully working.
  7. mct_cars

    Help with R107 Speedo Part Numbers

    Hi All, I'm looking to get a replacement Speedo for my R107. It's proving a little elusive, so I'm hoping owners will help. Basically, I'm trying to find what part number speedo will fit my car, so I thought a nice little collection of part numbers might help others out too:- If you...
  8. ringway

    Wanted. Speedo Cluster for 2008 Vito.

    I'm going to replace the speedo cluster on my 2008 Vito with a unit like the one shown below. I think the part number is A639 900 1000. Any idea where I might get one of these units, please? TIA. Paul.
  9. alano

    Replace blown bulbs in the speedo

    Have a 2002 clk 230 which has two or more blown bulbs which are in the speedo and rev counter. Has anyone replaced the bulbs before who can help me ?. Noob city but not wanting to use mb mech. Can anyone help ?
  10. M

    Speedo misread

    My E250D estate, LHD, WDB124186 type, has a speedo which consistently overreads by 20kph. Interestingly the speed markings on the dial begin at 20kph, and the hand moves as soon as the car does. Question answered, but not problem solved. The cable seems to be the same LHD to RHD, the speedo p/n...
  11. K

    1994 SL 320 Speedo rev oil fuel gauges stoped working, Please help

    Hi all, I have a 1994 SL 320. After my problems with the non starting I have found out what it was. The wire down to the starter was shorting out so it been replaced. And the relay under the dash wasn't working so i have bypassed it for now. But now i have the car running again most of the...
  12. E

    speedo bulbs

    Can anyone tell me what bulbs i need for behind the speedo, engine temp and fuel guages on a w210? And am i right in believing the clocks just push out from the back? Thanks
  13. H

    speedo and cruise control not working

    W140 1993 LHD S280 Hi to everyone, The speedometer and the efficiency meter are not working. Also the cruise control is off as well. I am hoping it is a fuse somewhere so if anyone has any ideas i would be grateful. Many thanks Clint
  14. H

    Vito 112 speedo failure

    Hi all, anyone come across this problem before? The speedo in my yr 2000 Vito 112 cdi has suddenly packed up! Just prior to failing it began to give an incorrect reading..either showing approx 20 mph less than actual speed, or 20-30 mph more. When stopped, the speedo was stuck on about the 30...
  15. I

    Identify The Speedo - if you can!

    Hi All, Spotted on a car which I might buy, I'll post the answer tomorrow. Anyone get the model and year? Happy Guessing! Cheers, Paul
  16. V

    W201 vac pipe going nowhere behind speedo

    Hello everybody! I'm a proud owner of w201 190d (2,0) I had a problem with a heating matrix and when I tried to put everything back in place, behind speedometer, I realized to have a black vac pipe loose and has no place to connect. I checked light switch, has two pipes already, heating...
  17. T

    450 SL speedo.

    I have a very minor problem that continues to niggle me! The speedo on my '78 SL has 'lost' it's centre 'cap', the small flat cone alloy trim piece that sits in the centre of the dial over the speedo needle. It's dropped imto the space between the speedo 'glass' and the perspex cover over the...
  18. horgantrevor

    selling w202 white sport dash speedo

    hi im selling a w202 white sport dash speedo in perfect condition 100 sterling
  19. S

    Intermittent speedo

    Bought a 2002 mercedes clk320 this week and he guy didn't tell me that the speedo doesn't always read right! In the mornings the needle gets stuck at 15-20 mph although the digital reading is correct also you can hear the occasional ticking as well. Every time I have driven home from work though...
  20. 9


    The speedo on my Pan 1300 2004 starts working ok then suddenly its stops and a few miles later works again,:bannana: any idea`s as to the problem
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