1. masher_uk

    2017 C Class additional speedometer

    Hi, the 'additional speedometer' readout is in kph and I find it irritating - does anyone know if there's a way to switch it to mph?
  2. DaleB


    My speedo recently stopped working on my 1993 500E. I initially thought it was the cable and started to look into this. I bought the Inst pod removal tools and managed to get the pod out but found that there wasn't a speedo cable as such ..... is it an electronic speedo even though it has...
  3. H

    S204 Speedometer light went crazy

    Hi everyone, I have this problem https://youtu.be/Rzj6RMSGY7g https://youtu.be/Rzj6RMSGY7g for 2 days. It occurs from time to time for view sec and then it goes back to normal. Any idea what could it be? MB S204 C220 CDI 2009
  4. alzieboy


    How accurate are the speedometers in Mercedes cars , or cars in general , do they in fact read higher speeds than you are actually doing :dk: Have just found some posts/ threads posted back in 2008
  5. J

    Merc 220 CDI W211 Speedometer

    I have just bought a 58 E-Class 220 CDI W211 to use as a taxi. A wire in the multiplug at the back of the instrument cluster will carry a "pulse" from the gearbox (probably), to the speedometer. I simply need to run a trace from this wire to a taximeter. I wonder if someone can help me...
  6. RyanTheSeaOtter

    S600 Coupe - Speedometer issues...HELP!

    Hi all, Firstly if this is posted in the wrong section...sorry. I have a 1994 S600 and last night collect her from my local specialist. I stomached up £844.16 getting a lovely N10 relay fitted to fix my window wipers and indicators (to pass her MOT) and had hoped this would fix the...
  7. abecketts

    W210 Speedometer

    Noticed today that when accelerating the speedometer "hand" (if that's the right word) moves up as a secondhand on a clock would do in regular graduations. Is this indicating something is wrong or do they just do that sometimes? When decelerating it does not do this. Any ideas folks...
  8. samuelsmiles

    W123 speedometer cable.

    Hi, The speedometer has stopped working on my '81 W123. I guess the first check would be where the cable fixes to the speedo itself behind the dashboard. Do I need to remove the dash or does the instrument panel came away on its own, and is it an easy job? Chris.
  9. S

    Using comand to change tyre sizes - does it change speedometer, too?

    Hi, Am finalising new wheels & tyres for my W215 600TT and going up to 19" and would like to keep the 40 tyre profile on the rear for a softer ride -but this increases the car's real speed by 3mph at an indicated 60mph. I know you can change the tyre profiles in the comand system but...
  10. C

    Speedometer Surround Removal Help

    Evening all. My C350 has an annoying rattle, which admittedly only happens on poor roads but I'm OCD so it annoys me :rolleyes:. It is coming from the black plastic surround that goes around the dash clocks. Not the best pic but basically the bit you can see above the steering wheel and...
  11. M

    Speedometer Battle - BMW M235i VS Mercedes CLA45 AMG

    VqUnik7ozvs I thought the CLA45 would be faster. Surprised with the results of this test considering the Mercedes has more horsepower than the BMW. Specs and details in the article .
  12. T

    Speedometer conversion - W220

    Hi everyone, I have a Mercedes W220 and it has both MPH and KM/HR readings. However, I would like to convert the speedometer entirely in KM/HR. Is there any way to do this? Thank you for helping :)
  13. L

    W204 2008 Speedometer display fault

    Hi. I am new to this forums, so I would like to welcome everyone. I am wondering if anyone came across with the mileage display fault as shown in the picture? https://www.dropbox.com/s/0pxymbr9mjcxeak/IMG_20140207_080906.jpg It starts showing up since the last few weeks and I am...
  14. S

    Speedometer signal??

    How to Find speedometer signal on Mercedes W202-99
  15. J

    MPH speedometer

    Hello, Does anybody know the Part number (located on faceplate) for a E320 Five speed automatic speedometer? Thanks
  16. J

    speedometer part number

    Hi, I have a five speed auto E320 unlike the regular four speeds that were sold in the US. Would anyone know the part number (located on the face of the speedo) for the MPH speedometer? Thanks
  17. brens-e200

    speedometer calibration query

    hi all, just picked up a lovely 1990 E230 on thursday last ( very happy with it but sadly i will have to put my 190e up for sale to make room ah well such is life ). the previous owner stated that he had the speedometer replaced as it stuck a number of years ago ( he even had the original in...
  18. DRBC43AMG

    C43 speedometer gauge

    I have managed to put my hands on an official 300km/h AMG dial face to install in my speedometer. I have taken out the cluster but haven't gone any further. Is changing the dial face difficult? Does the speedometer need recalibrating? Thanks for any tips
  19. C

    W209 cluster, speedo, instrument clocks, speedometer repair in Surrey

    As you can probably see from my previous posts I have only owned my W209 clk240 for only a month now. My cluster (instrument clocks) has been playing up since I've purchased the car. Problems: - Once in a while my speedometer needle will not pass 40 mph (fortunately there a an electronic...
  20. emenoz

    V class speedometer

    Hi , the speedometer of my V230 638.294 , year 1999 is dead , I have failed to locate the speed sensor on the gearbox , I can only see one big cable with lots of pins that goes into the gearbox , can you advise me of where exactly I should look for the sensor
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