1. J

    Caravan help please

    Hello folks!! Well me and the other half have gone and got married, we almost......we've brought a caravan!, its our first, sniff! All shed dragging jokes to one side, and believe me I'm gonna hear ALL of those from the boys at work!, I need some guidance. We have brought a 2000...
  2. lynall

    Is it easy to doctor mb speedos?

    No i dont want to do it:D just wondering as every time i go on e -bay i always do a search for mercedes e430, almost every e430 for sale on e-bay always has 90k or less, which i find hard to believe. Especially as some of them are old 98 etc. There was one on there with 220k but it was the...
  3. Howard

    Plasma speedos

    Another question from me i'm afraid....... My speedo reads to 140mph (its only a 230) if i fitted these (which reads to 160mph) would i need to have the speedo re-calibrated as obviously the numbers a re closer together on the 160 mph dial ...... If it would need re-calibrating - who would...
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