1. A

    Vibration at motorway speeds

    I have some rather annoying vibrations in the car which start at around 70mph and get worse up to and beyond 80mph. Car is a w203 C350, 77,000 miles. I've had the wheels checked for dents, and the front nearside wheel does have a very small dent (pothole casualty), but according to the local...
  2. M.A.94

    W210 viberation at speeds 60mph+

    My e320 has a very noticeable viberation at motorway speeds. This may be a really obvious answer but I've just had my wheels painted would they need to be ballaced again due to the weight difference :/ and could this be the cause. Other than this what's a good place to start with diagnosing...
  3. T

    W210 Heater Blower speeds up & Down

    The other day when set to 4 my heater blower seemed to be almost cutting in and out running fast then slow then fast when higher speed selected it worked fine as did slower speed does this mean motor or bushes are going (the heater tends to be on 100% of the time unless its a heatwave )...
  4. M

    Help needed with aircon fan speeds

    My car is a 1995 C220 W202 and I've been told by the guy who regassed it that the way the electric fans work is wrong. The viscous fan operates as it should. 30 seconds after the aircon's turned on the fans operate at high speed for 3 seconds and this cycle is then repeated. There's a...
  5. Trickythemerc

    Shift Speeds

    At what speed does the 722.6 box change into 5th under normal throttle opening conditions. Mine does it at just under 50 mph, is this about the right speed. :dk:
  6. John

    Light steering at higher speeds.

    So recently, had the front and rear suspension arms and anti roll bars as well as rear subframe bushes changed as well as a full geometry. I've noticed now that on long faster sweeping bends at higher speeds, the car feels very light on the front. I've heard people talk about this before...
  7. Trickythemerc

    Autobox shift speeds

    Hi guys, Newbie here just bought a very nice 220 CDI CLK and love the car. It does seem to want to hang on to 4th gear ? or maybe it's just me ? Under normal conditions and using sensible throttle it changes into 5th at just over 40 MPH is this normal ? With 74k and no mention of a box service...
  8. B

    Heavy Steering Low Speeds - 2006 W221

    Hi, I need a bit of help trying to diagnose a steering fault I have on my 06 S320, W221. I have no warning lights on the car, but am experiencing heavy steering on my car when turning at lower speeds. I have had it with the dealer and they can't seem to find a problem. They checked the belts...
  9. T

    W204 strange noise between certain speeds??

    Hi all, my first post as this is the first Merc I've owned. It's a 2009 Cdi. When I'm driving between 15 - 35 mph there is a strange droning noise coming from the wheels/tyres? It doesn't happen above 35 mph or when I'm going slowly. I've had a friend check the wheels and he doesn't think...
  10. M

    Noise from wheels at low speeds..??

    Hi all On my c class I can hear a slight noise coming from one of the wheels. Not exactly a grinding noise but there is friction somewhere. (Can hear it well low speed in a multi storey car park) otherwise wouldn't be able to tell really. Just a bit annoying! Any ideas before I have the...
  11. B

    Vibration / Rumble at low Speeds

    Hi All, Just a question if anyone can help. Recently had my gearbox out and refurbished with Torque Convertor done at the same time £2200 but difference in the drive was fantastic. However I now have a vibration and low rumbling sound when I am coasting at lowish speeds 30 to 40 mph or in...
  12. M

    Intermittent blower speeds

    Just need a little help, I have noticed over this last couple of days that my blower has a mind of its own with what speed it goes at, sometimes it will not go at all and other times it will go at half speed but mostly it just wont go at the speed I select, I have read that it may be brushes but...
  13. W

    Tranny shift speeds

    I have an old 1990 4 speed Auto in my R129 V8. It shifts fine both up and down. I have changed the fluid in the Torque Converter as well as in the box and changed the Filter. I have no problem at all with the shift quality but I would love to be able to get it into 4th at a lower speed or before...
  14. clk208

    Slight fluctuation of revs at motorway speeds

    Petrol 3.5 engine with 722.9 7 speed gearbox, Dec 2007 build. Noticed last night when on a gentle motorway run to pick up some friends from the airport that I have an issue with fluctuating rpm. I was on cruise at 55mph as I was running a bit early and noticed the rpm was fluctuating by up...
  15. Palfrem

    Judder at low speeds on W203

    MB replaced the shock absorbers on my W203 280 2006. At low speeds (20 to 30) there is a judder through the steering. At motorway speeds it's rock solid. Checked tyre pressures and they are spot on, tyres seem fine with plenty of tread. Is still got MB AUC warranty, any ideas please...
  16. @MARK

    Speeding and displayed speeds

    There are a couple of speeding related posts on here this week however I have discovered something myself over the last few days which has surprised me. On previous cars the speedo has always been inaccurate. This is shown up when I have fired up a Tomtom where the speed displayed is accurate...
  17. W

    Pulling to either side at low speeds

    I have just had new tyres fitted to the front of my CLK320 (W208) and the tracking done. Now the car gently pulls to either side at speeds below about 50mph, surely this isn't normal? :dk:
  18. DRBC43AMG

    Whirring/grinding at low speeds = problem? Help needed

    I am starting this new thread as I am at a loss to find a solution. On my w202 240T I can hear a slight whirring noise from the front right when turning right in a bend or going around in a circle clockwise. No noise whatsoever on the left or going anticlockwise. I posted the question and asked...
  19. J

    Wind causing instability at motorway speeds. W202.

    Picked up a W202, that seems very unstable at high speed 70+mph. The steering is overly light i.e a tiny bit of movement makes the car move sharply between lanes, the car is also effected badly by side winds needing small constant corrections. The car has recently had both the front and rear...
  20. W

    tapping noise from osr at low speeds

    Looking for any advice re the above.I have a 124 300e auto saloon. If you drive at speeds up to about 20mph with the window open you can hear what seems to be something tapping on or around the osr wheel.I have checked the pads and these seems ok just wondered if anyone else had come across this?
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