1. S

    Restraint Sys Malfunction, ABS Run Flat, Cruise Control & SPEEDTRONIC inoperative

    Hello, I'm a New member and Just got a problem with my AMG c220 cdi sport Blue-efficiency 2012 When i turn on the Car below error display on my dash * Restraint sys malfunction consult workshop * Abs inoperative * Active bonnet malfunction * Run flat indicator inoperative * Cruise...
  2. M

    Speedtronic gets stuck on

    Hi, I have an S320 CDI with speedtronic (2007 model). I use the Speedtronic a lot. Just recently when I set it at say 40mph it sometimes gets stuck on that speed even though I move the Speedtronic lever to a higher speed position. The only way I can get it to work again is to stop and switch...
  3. st13phil

    R172 SLK Speedtronic / Cruise Control

    Can anyone with a late R172 with the colour multi-function display like this: confirm whether or not there is any indication in the display as to whether Cruise or Speedtronic is active? The manual suggests that there should be a tell-tale icon displayed: and in the text within the...
  4. W

    Speedtronic inoperative - intermittent

    my 2007 C class CDi has developed an intermittent fault over the last few weeks. I tend to use the speed limit function regularly in speed restricted areas ( I know - boring!) but now occasionally it beeps and I get a message saying speedtronic inoperative and neither limiter nor cruise control...
  5. N

    esp inoperative run flat inoperative

    Hi everyone Have had my Nov 2008 W211 E220 Avantgarde tiptronic for 4 months now, and up to now very happy... However... Had about a 60 mile drive yesterday in biblical rain, without any problems, but popped out to the shop about an hour later, and on the way back had the yellow warning...
  6. I

    Do you use the speedtronic limiter?

    Speedtronic has around for years and The Other Two don't seem have followed suit with a widely available limiter. Interested on who uses it.
  7. S

    AC control dead and speedtronic

    Hi All I have a 05 CL 600 biturbo. The dreaded gear shifter issue rose its head the other day leading the car to be difficult to get out of park. Decided to fix it my self which meant takng out whole centre consol and disconnect everything Put it all back together and at he time i think all...
  8. K

    Speedtronic malfunction Low power

    link here as i may have put it in wrong place. Hi Guys I drive a 2001 (Y reg) E Class 200 Kompressor with 68k on the clock. Tonight driving home, I reached to the CC stalk to set the top speed on the speedtronic as I always tend to do on my commute home, and up popped an error ...
  9. K

    Speedtronic malfunction Low power

    Hi Guys I drive a 2001 (Y reg) E Class 200 Kompressor with 68k on the clock. Tonight driving home, I reached to the CC stalk to set the top speed on the speedtronic as I always tend to do on my commute home, and up popped an error .. "Speedtronic VISIT WORKSHOP". I pulled over, turned...
  10. S

    cl500 abs eps speedtronic

    need help please jump started me cl500 blew some part under drivers seat garage fixed that but i have abs eps speedtronic lights on and there not working i will be honest no very little about these cars any help PLEASE
  11. M

    Speedtronic error and loss of power W211

    Had a error come up on my 350 cdi yesterday: Speedtronic - visit workshop! Car lost power and wouldn't go over 60mph. Distronic inoperative as well. Pulled over, turned off and restarted and every thing returned to normal. Any ideas before I take it to the stealers?
  12. C

    Difference between Cruise control(Distronic Plus) and SPEEDTRONIC

    Hi guys!! I am new to this site.i just bought my brand new Mercedes CL550 2 months ago.but i couldn't get a clear about this electronic driving system.i read the owners manual but still have some questions:confused:.could anyone please tell me the actual difference between the cruise...
  13. Y

    E280 CDI ESP & defective

    Hi, I have a E280 CDI, last week while servicing (DIY) I came across oil dripping from the power steering rack, believing it to be the return lines. Bought the kit which consists of o-rings, bolt and pipes, had it fitted, Guess wot still dripping oil. Rather than take it back to the mechanic I...
  14. C

    Speedtronic, Cruise Control, Auto in LOW GEAR

    Automatic in Low Gear, Speedtronic, Cruise Control etc Speedtronic, Cruise Control, Automatic stuck in LOW GEAR (sometimes), Speed Limiter If you have or having any of the above problem it could be because the BATTERY WAS NOT TOPPED UP WITH DISTILLED WATER? i.e. THE 100AHr BATTERY acting as a...
  15. D

    speedo, speedtronic and abs fault

    hi guys iv been looking around at threads and as soon as i finish writing this i will go look at my connections, but i have a inoperable speedtronic (cruise control) no abs and no speedo? im wondering if anybody can shed light onto this for me! I have a 2006 w203 coupe c180 due to my car having...
  16. M

    W208 clk 200 Speedtronic visit workshop

    Have a W208 clk 200 and when i push the stalk in for the cruise control is says Speedtronic visit workshop! if i simply push stalk up or down it works as cruise contol should.. what is speedtronic and do i really need it ? thanks
  17. crockers


    I was driving this morning and adjusting the speedtronic to save getting a ticket along the A420 when there was a beep and the following warning.. "Speedtronic.................drive to workshop" I couldnt turn it on or off.... So I pulled into a layby and turned off the engine - waited...
  18. R


    Does anyone know how to get Speedtronic to go up 10mph increments rather than 5mph increments?
  19. G

    Learning Something About Speedtronic....

    Well, I think thats what its called! My W210 has the "dual mode" cruise control, where you can either set it to maintain a speed you set, and the "limiter" function where you dial in a speed and it won't exceed it unless you floor the gas pedal. I've started using the limiter around Rugby...
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