1. Discomark10

    Dam spell from air vents

    Hi Guys, It seems my W203 (C200) 2007 has a strong damp smell coming from the air vents. Its only present when the air vents are open, if you turn on the AC the smell goes. I would imagine it's a filter or something, any idea what/where this may be? Many Thanks, Mark
  2. crockers

    If they could spell it would help

    Just received yet another phishing scam ........... never knew I had so many accounts in jeopardy of being closed.. Wonder who taught this one his grammar and spelling.... Dear Santander Group customer, Your internet banking access need to be upgraded to foster Abbey National Plc...
  3. E

    My smiley's & spell chec don't work!

  4. Gucci

    Anyone else under the Facebook spell?

    Firstly, I did resist...couldn't see the point, but LOVE it now...anyone else out there enjoying it?
  5. jaymanek

    word spell checker

    arrgghhh... i fell very stupid in asking this but here goes.. the spell checker keeps reverting to the US dictionary.. i set it to UK but after aminute it reverts back! Where can i change it for good? "Help" isnt helping! p.s. this is the latest version of word...
  6. Sp!ke

    Spell check your posts...

    Not tried it yet but the idea looks promising. http://www.iespell.com/
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