1. gr1nch

    £30k to spend on a car. What do you go for?

    Got a few minutes to spare? With Christmas coming early, imagine you have today an extra £30k in your pocket to buy any car (not necessarily M-B) available right now on the basis you would have it for 2 years. You can also P/X whatever car(s) have - but list if you do. Post the actual car...
  2. Rosso1

    3.5 Million to spend

    So you have £3.5 million to spend but instead of buying one car you have to buy 5 cars what would they be? The Lamborghini Vereno Roadster is 3.5 million if you can find one to buy. So like fantasy football tell us what five cars you would buy with this in mind. You must have in your...
  3. J

    How long do you spend cleaning your car?

    Is it mainly the older cars that get treated to such lavish and time consuming detailing? I've just spent an hour washing, drying my car... I am struggling to find time to do more planned detailing like Polishing and claying etc. I thought I was OCD about car hygiene but some of the guys put me...
  4. S

    Just about to buy £1.5-£2k to spend

    Hi guys, I need a little help Realistically what could I get for the above budget? I need diesel and estate due to growing family
  5. jonnyboy

    hypothetical spend £20k to get into MB - what would you buy and why?

    So....looks like Mrs JB wants to get back into a Merc. I have another thread running but was probably too long winded. We'll be replacing our trusty 5 yr old Galaxy that we've had for 5 yrs. It will be financed. Around £3/5k deposit. Looking to pay in area of £325 a month absolute max. Less...
  6. K

    w123 230CE: major interior spend

    W123 230 CE Fully Restored For Sale (1981) on Car And Classic UK [C599181]
  7. gl boy

    Why spend so much on mods ?!!!

    2003 MERCEDES CLK (63 BLACK SERIES) | eBay Looks great but !!!!!
  8. mark_le_b

    £5000 to spend - W210 E55 or W211 E500

    Thoughts on pros/cons of a facelift w210 E55 or a W211 E500 on a £5k budget............. I've previously had an E55 - but wonder if any of you have owned both and have thoughts. I guess W211 E500 is a little more modern..........performance is similar (?) Any input appreciated
  9. W

    If you had £8k or so to spend on a car ...

    What would you buy? I don't care about mpg and only need to stick me in it so doesn't need to be 4 seater etc What would people go for?
  10. mymini007

    £3k to spend

    I am looking for a big estate to use for work and to ferry the kids round and do camping trips etc Criteria Reliability Load space Tidy looking To be used daily Seven seats would be a bonus Leather Reasonable MPG 30 I can live with but obviously more is better I have been looking...
  11. flango

    £4k to spend what would you buy?

    OK seeking the panels advice again BIL is buying a second car, their main car is BMW 123d but they need something a bit bigger sometimes for outings with 2 grandkids and would also be used for his commute to work (10 miles) so total mileage around 10k - 12k per year he's thinking saloon with...
  12. DSM10000

    Ideas on how to spend a sum of money.......

    I thought long and hard before posting this as I do not want it to come across as decadent in any way but I would really value your input and ideas Brief history is that I have just acquired (by a bequest) a reasonable amount of money, lit is between £15,000 and £20,000. I was just looking...
  13. W

    I need to spend more time online

    Hi everyone I am a proud Mercedes owner who has in the last year started using this forum to aid me in fault finding on my 2005 C270 CDI elegance saloon. I like many here on the forum have good mechanical knowledge and skills, I spent my teens and twenties working on cars for several garages...
  14. npuk

    £5 ebay voucher, no min spend

    Enter code: CUKFB1 at checkout Can be used once per paypal account. £5 off your total (doesnt include p&p), no minimum spend. Use add to basket function to use voucher for purchases from multiple sellers. Valid for the first 50,000 people who use the voucher. :bannana:
  15. Nasco12

    If you had £10,000 to spend on a Merc...

    ...what would you buy? (And why?) Me? I'd go for a R129 if I thought I could afford to run it. Terms & Conditions. There must be a reasonable chance that you could buy the car for under £10,000. Any money left over is lost for good and may not be used for repairs, tarting up or drink...
  16. G

    If you had £10k to spend...

    ...on a used Benz, what would you buy and why?
  17. LTD

    Other trinkets we spend our money on ....

    Inspired by a thread on another forum I use, I thought I'd pop up a question about us, the owners of a quality marque. How seriously do you take other material items in your life ? Hifi TV Camera Fashion Grooming Computing Home Watches etc. etc. etc. Are we creatures of good taste, followers...
  18. tagnut

    How Much More Will I Spend?

    Ok so after having had it for about a year I decided a little while ago that I'll be keeping my 2003 W211 E320 cdi for a while and that I should invest a little time and money in preventative maintenance, restoring some of it's good looks and doing a few little upgrades to keep me happy :D In...
  19. D

    £6500 to spend - What to get?

    Hi All I've got £6,500 to spend. I'm after a C Class. I have a few questions to ask. What is generally regarded as the best way to look at buying. eg - 2003 C270 CDI Elegance with say 65k on the clock or - 2004(facelift) C180K Elegance with 45k on the clock, when both are around the same...
  20. ringway

    How did you spend your time before the internet?

    How did you spend your time before using the internet and joining this forum? I've been online since the days of compuserve and my email address back then was (I think) 10166,03914@compuserve.com I can remember my first real computer was a second hand 286. People came over to look at that...
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