1. Richard1973

    S210 rear suspension spheres

    Hi, has anyone done these as a diy fix? I'm sure I saw a guide on here but after an hour of looking I can't find it! Any things to avoid or special tools? Thanks. Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
  2. W

    S210 spheres?

    My S210 has made a thump from the rear end for a few months. It appeared to be after going over bumps, as if it was when the suspension was rebounding. Within the last week, it now appears to be a very hard ride and there is little to no travel in the rear suspension. But the ride height...
  3. G

    560 SEC sls spheres

    Just installed new spheres and the car rides just like before, hard as nails! Do they have a shelf life or could it be the rams ?
  4. A

    W124 Estate Spheres

    A pair of W124 rear suspension spheres. These were changed when I changed all the rear suspension pipes/hoses. No noticable difference in ride quality after changing them , so they are probably OK. Andy
  5. S

    240td suspension spheres

    I am going to change the rear suspension spheres on the self-levveling suspension. Does anyone know the best place to buy these in the UK? I assume I drain the fluid or at least take off pressure, unbolt the old ones, bolt in the new ones, replace the fluid and bingo! Is it any more complicated...
  6. Dieselman

    SLS spheres

    Today I finished building a sphere testing rig...well it's not quite finished as I need to make a wooden plinth for it, but it's fully functional. It's not really designed for testing Mercedes spheres, but with a bit of fabrication I could make an adapter for testing them to see if they are...
  7. Charles Morgan

    SLS Spheres on a W124 - the results of changing them

    I went out for a drive with Nick Froome in the W124 estate last week, a few days before a service booked with Olly. The manifestation of a misfiring problem in spades meant that that could be sorted, but it was intriguing to have someone so aware of what a W124 ride should be in the car. I...
  8. T

    Best place to buy SLS accumulator spheres please

    Hi , Amongst other jobs that need doing on the 1994 E280T are the accumulators for the SLS as the ride is hard as a rock at the back end. Does anyone know where the cheapest spheres can be found? Thanks for your time. Toby PS- fitting a blue sports cloth interior that I'm just...
  9. Q

    W124 estate suspension spheres.

    I'm fairly certain that I need to replace the rear suspension spheres in my '94 E220 W124 estate ( hard lumpy ride over speed bumps on one side) and its off to the mechanic on Monday. But is there an easy way to check that they do actually need replacing as apparently some suspension work was...
  10. G

    Suspension spheres

    Hello does any one know how much these things are for a 210 estate I am contemplating changing them !
  11. D

    Suspension spheres 230TE estate

    Set of Suspension spheres needed. Herts or Beds area prefered but not essential. Tel. 07957 554121. Thanks Fred
  12. Timster

    W124 Replaced Spheres, Awesome!

    Hi There. After six months of hitting head on the roof every time I went over a bump, I finally replaced the spheres today - What a difference, the car is now perfectly smooth again, a joy to be in. Delay was in getting a replacement pipe from the pump. Old one was leaking, new one was...
  13. Timster

    W124 - Spheres

    Hi. The sphere's are knackered on my w124 estate (250TD) apparently. I'm not 100% sure what they are, and what they do, if you could explain to me i'd be most grateful. Thankyou. Tim
  14. E

    W210 Estate Rear Spheres

    HI ALL . can anybody please give me any help on changing rear spheres on a 98 e300 etsate car..eg what sort of job is it. is anything likly to break as i undo bits on them thanks for any help:)
  15. A

    rear suspension spheres on W124 estates

    Here's a sort of "how to" replace the rear spring accumulators on W124 estates - this method was worked out by a matter of trial and error - mostly error but may well help other people who are faced with replacing the spheres. if you are thinking of attacking the job, there are 2 ways to do...
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