1. F

    Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider 'RHD'

  2. F

    Ferrari Testarossa Spider Valeo - Unique Car

  3. S

    Fiat 124 Spider

    I love the look ofthese. At £23K fully loaded they look like a bargain. Trying to work out why need one... ...and how to explain it to the other half. (mid-life crisis should cover that off) I think an MX-5 is probably a better value option but there's something about a small Italian...
  4. F

    Spider cracks in gel coat of skirt.

    Noticed a few very fine cracks in one of my fiberglass skirts on my 209, could these be cleaned out with thinners (scored with a Stanley knife?) and filled with touch up paint, then sanded down and compounded after a few days, or is that just too easy to be true?
  5. R

    Ho not to kill a spider

    Man starts petrol station fire trying to kill spider with a lighter - Telegraph
  6. stwat


    I just came across this in't bathroom. What's the freakishly long front leg all about? :S If this guy was still around he would have chased, swatted and eaten the spider in no time at all. Bless him.
  7. gaz_l

    Spider Solitaire in Win8 x64

    Sorry to bother you with this. My Mrs. is addicted to Spider Solitaire as supplied with Win XP, Vista, 7 etc. I've just bought her a new laptop as her old one is knackered and it came with 8.1 - no Spider Solitaire. You would think the sky had fallen in. I've looked at various solutions online...
  8. edstrom76

    Spider invasion prompts Mazda software fix

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-26921734 Love the comment by the Mazda spokesman at the end of the article :)
  9. sssammm

    Spider in the glovebox

    Not actually a spider, but a bunch of cables, USB, SD, IPOD, + another one?? any ideas what ive to use them for, stuch a memory stick in the usb, nothing came up anywhere? help? sam SLS
  10. The _Don

    Chris harris video: Ferrari 458 spider

    Chris Harris video: Ferrari 458 Spider - PistonHeads :D
  11. The _Don

    Ph carpool: Ferrari f355 spider

    PH Carpool: Ferrari F355 Spider - PistonHeads
  12. K

    Spider Tuning Box

    Has anyone fitted one of the above tuning boxs? Have fitted them to my last two cars but never an automatic, does it make any differance it being an auto? Cheers Kev CLK 270 2004
  13. R

    C200CDI W204 needs some power - Spider unit?

    Hi I got 2007 C200CDI and i wanna get some more power, nothing extreme its just that 136HP isnt enough i wanna do some basic stuff first to get the most bang for the buch HP so i was thing about tuning box as first, did some search and i see the spider tuning box got good reviews does anyone...
  14. A

    Spider Adaptive Tuning box for CLS 320CDi engines

    For sale is my Spider Adaptive tuning box for a 320CDi engines. I bought this for my CLS 320, but never got round to fitting it, and probably wont considering I drive it so little. Its brand new, although probably over a year old. Spider tuning also do a scheme where you can return it...
  15. imadoofus

    Spider Monkeys

    So I'm sitting here telling Mrs Doofus about that thing on the Today programme this morning about spider monkeys feeding doughnuts to a chimp (Zeus?) in a zoo. Now, I can't find anything about it on the internet, alsthough I can find the story about the chimp who collects stones to throw at...
  16. janner

    Pet spider

    Just for Christmas, not for life.
  17. The Dent Guy

    Me in a 360 spider round Monaco F1 circuit

    Just got back off my hols and wanted to share the best bit with you all, which was on Sunday 13th July :rock: A couple of bits of the circuit are the wrong way for the traffic flow - so you'll notice a slight deviation or two Don't forget to switch your sound on and turn it up...
  18. HughJarse

    Yahoo Slurp Spider

    While being nosey and viewing who was online, looking at what, and replying to what, I came across 22 yahoo slurp spiders scanning this forum. Google only had 2 spiders spying on us. Seems a massive amount in comparison from Yahoo.
  19. purplegoddess

    come into my parlour said the spider......

    ...to the fly in this case i think they are expanding a bit:eek: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/08/30/ap/strange/main3222629.shtml
  20. Brian WH

    Ferrari F430 Spider Crash Kills Driver.

    Local to me a Ferrari Driver in his early 40's was killed. His 15 year old daughter was thrown clear and managed to telephone for help. Local paper said that it was well alight and upside down in a ditch. No other car was involved. Ferrari Crash on A50
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