1. W

    Wheel spin.

    This is my first winter with my E63. Got it in spring so I've only really driven it on warm-ish tarmac. Now it's cold and wet, I'm noticing a lot of wheel spin. I don't mean from clogging it, obviously with this much power you can make it spin up, but I'm talking about times like setting off...
  2. A

    Recently took out a CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake for a spin!

    This one was a bit of a surprise - a really good all-rounder. I've put my thoughts together on my blog -http://www.betappd.com/?p=1302 Also put some pics on my Flickr - https://flic.kr/s/aHskah83RP https://www.flickr.com/photos/albroon/16952950527/in/album-72157651990407945/
  3. S

    C63 (Eurochaged) Dyno Wheel Spin

    I recently visited a non-MB focussed tuner for a dyno session. They are predominantly FWD and Haldex specialists but, they have dyno'd many cars. I put my Eurocharged Coupe on their dyno and they seemed pretty clueless about the correct setting to place it in, first of all having no idea how...
  4. JethroUK

    Have mercs not got traction control to stop wheel spin?

    Had to take 3 relatives to visit my wife's mum in hospital in snowy road conditions Afraid to say my shiny Merc C220 is the worst car I've ever had to drive in these conditions Back end broke away far too many times despite me driving more carefully than any other car on the road Have mercs...
  5. developer

    Happy Christmas, er, Birthday, er, Christmas, Spin Bowler

    Have a good-un :bannana:
  6. P

    ASR and wheel spin in snow

    My 1999 c200 2.0l petrol 5sp auto is rubbish in snow. It doesn't have wide tyres, its just crap. And in my opinon ASR is great for greasy roundabouts but just doesn't work for slow speed ice/snow situations. At parking speed the ASR continually locks the spinning wheel, but becasue that is both...
  7. R

    CLK230 Wheel spin on acceleration-Just the power/conditions or adjust tyre pressure?

    I've got 235/14/17 front and rear. - Only me in the car. - 33psi front. - 35psi rear. - Tyres: Admiral 712 See post #33: Does anybody know anything about ADMIRAL 712 tyres??? - Page 4 - RAC Motoring Forum On putting my foot down (not all the way) whilst going at 20mph ish, I get a bit of...
  8. Norse

    Is it possible to turn off the anti spin (W211)

    I was wondering what would happen if you put a W211 on a dyno. Would this be possible because of the anti spin system? You can turn off the ESP, but I guess the anti spin would kill the throttle if the rear wheels starts to turn.......
  9. Satch

    The dangers of spin

    Remember the huge press splash 9 months ago about the evil underworld firearms dealer with 900 guns linked to wicked crimes?? Helicopters, big press splash, American authorities involved, Hurrah, a triumph against organised crime. Photos leaked to the Press, wild comments about "The ****nal...
  10. N

    I'm off for a spin

    ...around Brittany then up the Loire Valley. All loaded up and ready to go, there's just time in the morning for one last wash. (The car, not me). See you in a couple of weeks.:)
  11. Steve_Perry

    A new spin on the term "Doggie Bag".

    http://uk.gizmodo.com/2006/05/23/doggie_bag.html Hmm I wonder just how many pooches would put up with this method of transport. S.
  12. SEM

    Highway Spin

    Dont this has been posted before... apologies if it has, could'nt find it on the search http://www.boreme.com/boreme/funny-2004/m_mustang_spin-p1.php?fromrelated=1
  13. aka$h

    E320 Coupe, too easy to wheel spin??

    Ive been driving the CE a fair bit over the past two weeks, I have had new ContiSportCOntact2's all round but am a little concerned about the amount of wheel spin on acceleration. The car does not have ASR, but even in 2nd gear pick up the car spins the back wheels quite often in the dry but...
  14. mergli

    Anyone in Southampton area fancy a spin in a CLK55?

    Hello all, Is anyone based in the Southampton area and wouldn't mind going to give a CLK55 the once over for me (it's long a way for me to go to find it's a complete shed). I've contacted the dealer and he, obviously, insists it's mint...but being the cynic I am I'd prefer an unbiased...
  15. Philirv

    270 Degree spin in a W124 on a public road

    I had an interesting experience coming of an A5 roundabout in Milton Keynes the other evening. It was the first rain we've had in about 2 weeks and the road was quite slick and as I accelerated around the corner away from the roundabout, the back wheels started spinning...... CACK PANTS ...
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