1. Spinal

    Spinal's Mongol Rally Thread

    Gents (and the odd lady that browses this forum), I did something stupid last night, and paid my registration fee for the mongol rally. So now, I need a crap car to drive to Mongolia in. Current rule are that the car can't have more than a 1l engine, though rumour suggests that this year it's...
  2. ringway

    Happy Birthday Spinal.

    Happy Birthday Michele. :thumb:
  3. ringway

    Happy Birthday Spinal.

    Happy Birthday Michele. :thumb:
  4. Druk

    Happy Birthday Spinal

    Happy Birthday too, although you're giving away no secrets? ;)
  5. BTB 500

    Happy Birthday Spinal!

    What a great day for a birthday ;) :D Have a good one :bannana:
  6. pammy

    Happy Birthday BTB 500 & Spinal

    Have brill days both of you. :bannana: :bannana:
  7. Sp!ke

    Spinal's Cagiva Roadster 521 Custom (in the Gallery)

    Thats not a bad looking bike as far as 125's go. A low seat height makes for easy manoevering etc so design wise, probably ideal. I do have reservations with Cagiva's servicing and spares infrastructure however but hopefully you will be onwards and upwards before this becomes an issue...
  8. pammy

    Happy birthday to Spinal and BTB 500

    :bannana: :bannana: have a great day peep's :bannana: :bannana:
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