1. Eddy77

    Spinning Number Plate Screws - HOW TO fix

    Symptom: The number plate screws for your rear plate spin and spin. You can’t undo them because the thread into which they screw is spinning behind the boot panel. Reason for Problem: MB, in their infinite wisdom, use steel screws to secure the plates. But the threads into which the...
  2. lfckeeper

    Spinning bolt

    You may have seen my thread in the general section regarding a elongation of the hole in the subframe where the front control arm bolts on. This has now been welded and seems fine When the bolt was placed back in the mechanic said it just span round and wouldn't tighten. He showed me it...
  3. P

    Is my ml420 wheel spinning or slipping

    I'm not sure, but when I pulled away quickly from a lay-by earlier first gear revved out really quickly and second gearstarted to and then found traction. Is that possible in a big 4x4? I had it remapped last week and this is the first time I've noticed it. Doesn't it have TC though that should...
  4. alex300ce

    A200 turbo starter wouldn't stop spinning then smoke!

    Hi Just had a problem where my a200 turbo 2005 engine was switched off but for some reason the starter carried on spinning?? Not engaging, but just the motor spinning. Could seam to get it to stop, then after 4-5 min it slowed down and then lots of burning plastic smoke came from the starter...
  5. Dieselman

    Steel spinning or pressing

    I'm looking to get a low volume of steel parts either spun or pressed. I suspect making a press tool will be prohibitively expensive, hence the spinning. Does anyone have any contacts for low volume spinning and laser cutting?
  6. stevesey

    ASR- doesn't stop one wheel spinning away the power!

    After 2 days with no snow issues - I got stuck on my drive twice at the weekend - most suprising becuase it's flat - well that's flat apart from the depressions in the gravel where the car sits. I'd parked 9in to the left of where the car was went it snowed, so the passenger side was on...
  7. mykaitch

    Spinning star for phone version 2

    I have been busy since so many of you wanted the last one. There is another version on my website with no background which looks really good. There are a few stray pixels but it looks fine on the phone. Your theme background will show through the star.:) www.mikehoughton.co.uk
  8. mykaitch

    Spinning Mercedes Star

    Just for fun now...I have converted the Windows Merce Screensaver to a gif which looks great on my phone !!! It is 300k so I can't upload it here. Email me and I will send it to you. [email protected] or go to www.mikehoughton.co.uk and click on email me.
  9. J

    vito 110 cdi glow plugs just spinning

    Hi all steve here, i have a 2000 vito 110 cdi. glow plug light on . i have replaced 2 and 3 glow plug. But 1 & 4 plugs wont come out . i unscrewed the plugs carefully , but i cant get them to come out of the head. they are just spinning in the head. Help !!! Any advice welcome please. steve
  10. Mercv8

    Which way is the girl spinning?...

    As per subject.. Which way is this girl spinning? MV8.
  11. mercmanuk

    Does the spinning mb star work as a screensaver

    ive tried loading the spinning merc star as a screensaver but cant get it to work .has anyone had any success,if yes any chance of a p.m with help cheers all keep up the good work
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