1. d w124

    Happy Birthday Splang

    Have a nice one
  2. JasM

    Happy Birthday Splang & BIG Sean.

    Happy Birthday guys! :thumb:
  3. scumbag

    Happy Birthday Boris (splang)

    And happy birthday to the others too. I don't belive you are 34 tho! did you divide that by 0 to get 8 or something:D
  4. pammy

    Happy birthday to - Aoraki, BIG Sean & Splang

    Hope you all have a wonderful day.:bannana: :bannana:
  5. GRAV888

    Happy birthday Boris SPLANG Johnson

    Happy birthday matey. Have a great day:rock:
  6. scumbag

    Boris SPLANG Johnson

    Hey, you screaming buffoon! Say goodbye before shooting off home, you over educated ignoramous! Hope you had a good stay at the hotel of death and it was nice to laugh at you, loads! All the best with the JP stuff! And remember this! At least I dont drive a FORD!!!:devil:
  7. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday Splang

    Have a great day mate :bannana:
  8. pammy

    Nearly missed Splang's birthday

    :bannana: :bannana: Happy Birthday chuck :bannana: :bannana:
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