1. shanksy

    CLK430 W208 Air Intake Hose Split

    Hi All, Yesterday I tried removing the engine cover for the first time on the CLK and I managed to split the air intake hoses, not realising they were attached. I have duct taped them together but was wondering if it was worth finding replacements or would I be fine to leave as is ? Thanks
  2. horsesuitedfool

    C63 2010 Start Up Rattle... Split Second Then Gone...

    Hi, as the title says, I have a C63 rattle when I first crank the engine in the morning, it goes away almost instantaneously and it is worse when the oil level was lower than at the full mark and also worse when I had OW40 oil.... These things make me believe its down to oil pressure perhaps not...
  3. ngenius1

    Brabus MonoBlock 3 split rims

    Reluctantly for sale. Originally bought from these forums. All are straight and true with no cracks or repairs. Nearly new set of tyres, 265-35-18 & 235-40-10 Falken tyres. they are a staggered setup at the moment, 8.5-9.5 But have a spare set of outer lips to make a square 9.5 set which...
  4. C


    Hi So I have had the wiring and everything burnt in my SL55 in rear boot because of this issue, managed to locate wiring from a breaker however just require the split charging ecu module. If anyone can help advise where I can find. I will be enquiring main dealers tomorrow and keep you posted...
  5. Doodle

    Optimistic split rims

    I know they don't exactly grow on trees, but this asking price is rather taking the p*ss. :eek: Genuine 17" AMG Aero O.Z 3pc Split Rim Alloy Wheels - Mercedes SL,R129,W126,500E | eBay
  6. P

    oz amg split rim wheel needed!

    im after a single (or maybe a set) oz amg 3 piece front 8.5x17 et18 alloy wheel, usually found on 129's and 126's. thanks
  7. Doc matt

    W218 air intake hoses split

    I thought I'd pop the bonnet and check the oil today and was gobsmacked to find my air intake hoses were all split. They were fine about a month ago...weird. The current hoses I think look and feel too flimsy, the feel of them almost makes you think any moisture that gets on them will travel...
  8. M

    18" amg bbs r129 sl / w124 500e split rims

    Stunning set of amg 2-piece splits I've decided to let go as I'm going to keep my e31 for the foreseeable. Not used and boxed since refurb. 8.5j x 18 h2 et25 hwa 129 1502 bbs rt105 (fronts) 10j x 18 h2 et25 hwa 129 1702 bbs rt106 (rears) Have plenty more pictures if you wish to see more...
  9. Mrhanky

    M113K BMW tank split cooling kit

    I had always planned to do the BMW reservoir tank split cooling mod on my E55 but never got round to it. Included in the kit are the following bits Brand New BMW Reservoir Used but great condition BMW reservoir mounting bracket Hoses you will need Hose connectors you will need Jubilee...
  10. A

    Driving with a split rim

    It has been welded, but do you or don't you?
  11. mr tibbs

    Air flow pipe split?

    Hi all. I am having my E320 W211 serviced and I just got a call to say that the pipe going into the turbo is split/broken. Can anyone advise where to get a replacement please? Thanks Keith
  12. zoros

    AMG split rim advice needed please?

    I have a set of AMG split rim wheels. 9J on the front and 10J on the back. The spoke sections are mint but the outer rims are starting to corrode and quite tacky. They are beyond enamel baking etc. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who can supply the rim section of these split rim...
  13. Mrhanky

    55K split cooling kit

    I have decided to sell the bits I collected to carry out the split cooling on my E55K. The kits includes the following: Brand new unused BMW reservoir. Bracket to house the BMW reservoir. Appropriate coolant hoses to carryout the install. Appropriate hoses connectors to carryout the install...
  14. O

    Door seal split

    Hi folks I have an E320 W211 2009. A few days ago I noticed the offside rear passenger door's rubber seal that runs along the door edge had a split in the hollow tube part, about 3 inches long. This was at the top of the door, parallel with the run of the seal. There doesn't seem to be any...
  15. G

    Split Air Intake "Helllllp"

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2009 E350 CDI Blue Efficiency Coupe which has a little hissing sound after hitting the accelerator. I have had a good look at the engine and have noticed a split connector between where the pipework comes from the air filter housing and goes into the turbo (pics attached)...
  16. Mrhanky

    55k Split Cooling Mod

    Having done a lot of research via mainly the US forums, Ive decided I will have a bash at doing this. So Ive got the BMW reservoir and all the other bits needed to complete the job. However, before I get carried away I wondered if anyone who has done this has any tips. My main concerns...
  17. IMD

    AMG Split Rims back from refurbishment :-)

    Hi all, I've just picked up and fitted my AMG split rims that I had refurbished by Lepsons. Loving them! I took a bit of a chance with the whole thing, but all worked out well. Firstly, I bought the wheels unseen on Ebay late last year. I then had them delivered to a friends, as I live...
  18. IMD

    Where to buy new centre caps for AMG Split rim wheels for R129

    Hi everyone, I've just had my 2 piece 18 inch AMG split rims refurbished by Lepsons and will be seeing them tomorrow after delivery. I need to get some new centre caps for them. Does anyone know if they are the usual Mercedes silver ones, or something different? I know that Alloy Wheels...
  19. DanMorgan

    W140 AMG BBS 18" Split Alloys

    As per title, looking for a set that are all straight - condition is not an issue
  20. T

    17/18 inch Brabus Split Rims /replicas or similar wanted

    Loved the Look of these on a CLK I nearly bought until I was seduced by the V8 I eventually bought . I am still hankering after the wheels . Anyone got a set going cheaply:D or something similar Boyd
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