1. B

    1999 C230k misfiring and spluttering

    Hi all I recently bought a 1999 c230k which has covered just over 100000 miles , when I firstgot the car it ran great plenty of power in the right places , but after having it a couple of month it's started miss firing a lot and will not Rev out at all, I have had it on the computer and it has...
  2. R

    Car Spluttering Any Idea please

    Hi all I just got a 1997 E230 auto, Had the car about 4 weeks and I have a problem when I start it up. The car starts first turn of the key but it starts to splutter and the revs go from about 700 to 1000 up and down for about 5 mins, after that the car runs fine. I have done the plugs, air...
  3. mastic

    Low Idle, spluttering loss of power sometimes

    My C180 2001 ( AUTO/PETROL )has been playing up a bit lately. Started with sometimes when pulling out of a side street i would get a loss of power ( like a flat spot ) then it would be ok. I took it to a garage and they put it on a test (not MB garage but they do the same star test) but they...
  4. 219

    Diesel spluttering

    The W124 E250D I got recently had never missed a beat - until today . Passed the MOT last Saturday , and between a run to Dundee and back , plus some local mileage , had covered almost 500 miles without any problems . This afternoon , we went up to Glasgow , but on the way back - amidst...
  5. jpskiller

    Coughing and Spluttering

    Recently I don't use my 300e that much, and I've noticed that If I haven't run her for 3-4 days then when I do after about 5 Min's when I try to pull away or in slow moving traffic the engine really splutters like mad and often stall's while doing this under either light or hard acceleration...
  6. F

    ML430 SPluttering issue

    All, New to the forum but thought I would ask for help. After visitng 3 seperate dealers no-one has an answer to this so I am hoping someone here can help. My ML430 (2000) drives really well, then if I do 80 miles ish at a speed between 85 - 95 on motorways, all of a sudden the car starts...
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