1. clk320x

    Replacement Lip Spoilers

    Where is a good place to get OEM quality replacement lip spoilers? The reason I ask is my bootlid needs to be resprayed for rust work and the lip spoiler removed to work on it.. it may break on removal? Hence looking for a replacement Abs
  2. John N

    Boot Spoilers and Me

    I'm not a Boy Racer (too old) but I have an inkling to add a Spoiler to the Boot Lid of my W205, so expecting replies in the somewhat derisory area, can any one advise on any suppliers and styles etc.?:devil:
  3. bob6600

    F1 Chinese Grand Prix (May contain spoilers)

    Well almost all of Friday's Practice (both sessions) had to be abandoned due to mist/cloud and fog, preventing the air ambulance being able to operate should it be needed. The medical facility which has FIA approved equipment is some 38km away and not reachable via road ambulance quickly...
  4. bob6600

    F1 Australian Grand Prix (may contain spoilers)

    So.. HAM on Pole Position, BOT didn't quite manage to find the pace but he is still new to the car. Impressive from VET, let's hope he makes it a close race tomorrow. Gutted for RIC, crashing out in Q3
  5. R

    Carbon Fibre, Splitters, Spoilers etc

    Where do people here buy this sort of stuff? I know there is Xtreme Carbon that do a few bits, but it looks like the majority comes from the USA or Taiwan. Are there any other reasonably priced UK sellers?
  6. S

    The Man in the High Castle (Spoilers).

    Anyone watching this? My god it's tense! Best thing I've watched in a while, I re-watched the last few of the first season before diving into the second. At ep7 now, and a few things are beginning to come together, but it definitely gets the grey matter spinning! I think that although it...
  7. bob6600

    Italian GP 2016 (may contain spoilers)

    Lewis around (a mahoooosive) half a second ahead in qualifying, put Nico in his place. Breaking news, Jenson Button will NOT race for anyone next year, even though he has signed a 2 year deal which gives him/McLaren an option to race in 2018 Very clever of Ron Dennis, gives JB a break and...
  8. carat 3.6

    S124 Tailgate spoilers, any interest on here?

    Anyone fancy one of these for their s124 wagon? I should have another batch arriving November time, 7 of which are not pre-sold so are available to forum members. They are £265 each including the brake light. Post your name up here if you want one.
  9. Felstmiester

    what fits what when it comes to diffusers spoilers

    Can anyone give a definite answer on differences between saloon vs coupe and pre facelift vs facelift when it comes to rear spoilers, diffusers and front lips. A coupe spoiler doesn't fit a saloon or so I've heard. But I've also heard a coupe diffuser will fit a saloon. Amount of times a good...
  10. Maurauth

    R172 Spoilers et al

    I'm picking up a 2012 R172 SLK on Wednesday, sad to see my W204 go after all I did to it. I've been looking around but can't seem to see much on this forum about spoilers/splitters/diffusers etc Have we got any R172 owners on here that have dabbled in this sort of stuff? I can only seem...
  11. S

    Cheap Chinese spoilers from eBay.

    Hi guys, Bought one of the above off eBay for my c350 and thought I'd report back.. Ordered Tenorite Grey and gave them the paint code.. was git with a customs bill for £22 and when it came it was marked with the correct paint code but was.... Silver! I messaged them and to be fair they...
  12. mercpaul


    Hi boys just bought my self a mercedes amg c220 sport plus and want to buy a nice boot spoiler like this one. Spyder Type I 52 Inch Double Deck GT Wing Aluminum - Black - GTW-SP-TI-BK. but it says it's for a w204 or w2o6. So my question is is the w204 the same model as my c220 is that whet...
  13. billyc

    C207 Boot Spoilers

    hi there i am thinking of getting a boot spoiler for my C207 (still waiting for delivery). i was quoted £689 from the MB dealer i am getting the car from (very expensive for a boot spoiler, no?). as an alternative, does anyone know of a local (nw kent, se london) bodywork/accessory shop...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Game of Thrones TV Thread - No Book Spoilers Please!

    Anyone watch this? its fantastic, just gets better and better as the seasons go on.
  15. normanh

    Rear roof and boot spoilers fitted

    Rear roof and boot spoilers fitted as well as chrome window surrounds wrapped in black gloss.
  16. normanh

    Boot and Window Spoilers

    Has anyone bought these from Taiwan Painted Mercedes Benz C-class C204 2D Coupe Roof + Trunk Boot Lip Spoiler Combo? | eBay Just wondering what the fit is like and if the 3d tape mentioned is sufficient Thanks in advance
  17. Dr-Nab

    C209 CLK rear spoilers anyone...?

    A friend just messaged this to me... just can't quite find the words to describe it! Bet it is rapid though!! :crazy:
  18. 2

    W124 Spoilers

    Hello, can anyone please tell me where i can obtain spoilers to go under both the front and rear bumpers on my 1995 W124 E220 Coupe'....:confused: I have located a vendor of ones i would like on Ebay deutchland but they won't post to England! Common Market eh.....:dk:. The smaller soft line...
  19. azaman

    SLK Wheel Arch Spoilers

    I have a pair of wheel arch spoilers for the current generation SLK. I had these on my C Coupe and they look good and stop a lot of muck getting on your rear bumper. I have given them a quick coat of gloss black just to tidy them up a little, they can be sanded and colour coded. These just...
  20. EDZ649

    W124 Ducktail AMG boot spoilers

    Not sure if these are genuine or not but seems to have the HWA prefix to the part no. Mercedes w124 4 Door AMG StyleTrunk Spoiler 3 pcs E220 : eBay Motors (item 370336795924 end time Mar-19-10 02:13:30 PDT) Add says they have the rest of the kits available too!:)
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