1. A

    w203 Sportcoupe Armrest

    Hi from madeira portugal all of you mbenzers. Im new to this site and to be honest quite new to a mercedes life. Recently started driving Sportcoupe 200 kompressor from 01. I was having some problems with the center armrest cause it had some holes on it and it was in poor condition so I bought a...
  2. cplnoonoo

    W203 sportcoupe underside gearbox cover leaking

    Whilst i had the car on the ramps i noticed that the black tray on the underside of the gearbox was covered in what looks like gearbox oil. I cleaned this all off and a closer look reveals that it may be leaking out from around the gasket. Is this a common fault for the gasket to go on this...
  3. cplnoonoo

    C180 sportcoupe rear seats (only 2!!!)

    Am i correct in saying that my c180 sportcoupe only officially has 2 seats in the rear as there is only 2 seat belts that i can see but there is room in the middle for another person? I assumed that there would be 3 seatbelts if there is meant to be 3 people accomodated in the back and if...
  4. cplnoonoo

    Speaker sizes c-class sportcoupe

    Could anybody tell me what the front and rear speaker sizes will be on my 2003/04 C-class sportcoupe? Cheers
  5. bones2008

    Creaking SportCoupe Interior

    I have a 2003 C230k coupe with full leather interior which constantly creaks and is worse when a passenger is in the car. It seems to be from the front seats. is this a common problem & does anyone know of a way to stop the noise?
  6. N

    Central locking on my 02' C180 Sportcoupe

    Hi gurus I have been searching on the internet for a solution and got little help. Wish soneone could shed some light on what's been annoying my for a while. Basically, I have bought a year 2002 C180 Sportcoupe, everything has been amazing apart from the remote lock, the radio control is...
  7. The Dent Guy

    AMG Bumper Wanted W203 SportCoupe

    I've been searching for an AMG front bumper for my W203 SportCoupe. If anyone has one for sale or knows to one somewhere then please PM me. Must be Iridium silver (another colour is ok if super cheap) Preferably with headlight washer holes but, not a necessity. Im slowly getting my...
  8. The Dent Guy

    AMG Bumper Wanted W203 SportCoupe

    Oops - this shoukd have been in the wanted section Mods - please delete this thread. Thanks
  9. J

    C220 CDI SportCoupe Engine blowout

    Newly registered lurker here ,and I'm in need of some advice. I bought my 51 plate C220CDI 19 months ago - at the time it was showing 55k. Since then I have added around 40k to it, and had 1 A and 2 B services (as well as brakes all round) ,always on time and always at the same Merc dealer I...
  10. C

    New Mercedes Sportcoupé

    Here's my impression of the upcoming Mercedes Sportcoupé: >> C350 Sportcoupé << If i look at the latest spyshots, it seems to be quite realistic. Greetings André
  11. Bobby Dazzler

    F1 vs DTM vs SL55 vs Sportcoupe

    Sorry if this clip has been posted before. Either great editing or great choreography - whichever way it's... [Tony the Tiger voice] ...grrrrrrrreat!! [/Tony the Tiger voice]
  12. F

    FS: W203 C-Class SportCoupe AMG Front Bumpers

    Hey guys I'm trying to sell this 2 AMG front bumpers pics: if anyone is interested pm me, thanks, flavio
  13. Z

    New Sportcoupe owner questions

    Hallo, everyone!! I am a proud new owner of a Sportcoupe C - 230 (1.8L) (CL(W) 203, model 2005, evolution AMG! I am very thrilled with this car!! As much as with your site, which is a total apocalipsy to me! I have read many many articles.. It came fitted with a Comand APS (Audio 50), and...
  14. W

    Mercedes C200 Kompressor SportCoupe, April 03, for Sale

    Well, we've got a little one on the way so, sadly, the Sport Coupe is up for sale... Mercedes C200 Kompressor SportCoupe, April 03, Auto (Tiptronic), Evo Panorama SE, Glass Roof, Brilliant Silver, Anthracite Leather Seats, COMAND Sat Nav by SteveNL ;-), 6CD Changer, 17" Alloys, 5200 miles...
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