1. dddooommm

    W124 C124 Sportline alloy wheels set A124411902

    FOR SALE: Mercedes Benz w124 c124 Sportline lightweight 8 hole alloy wheels set In good condition with no damage or repairs Tyres are included (very old) 205 / 60 / R15 CONDITION: Very good overall condition. Expected light marks & could benefit from a paint referb. No cracks...
  2. dddooommm

    Merc W124 Sportline /// E320 1995 3.2 Auto E class

    ★★★Mercedes-Benz E320 SPORTLINE///★★★ ★ No Reserve ★ 99p Start ★ Powerful 3.2 ★ eBay item ending this SUNDAY morning- 20th Aug! Click the eBay link below... (detailed photos on the listing) Mercedes Sportline / E320 W124 AMG E class e190 brabus alloys s c export classic | eBay...
  3. dddooommm

    Merc W124 Sportline /// E320 1995 3.2 Auto E class

    ★★★Mercedes-Benz E320 SPORTLINE///★★★ ★ No Reserve ★ 99p Start ★ On ebay on the 10th Aug 17★ 0777857666 ★ £1,450 ★ FOR SALE: My Powerful 1995 Auto Petrol E320 Factory Sportline /// with full Cream leather interior Low miles & low previous owners Finished in Mercedes-Benz...
  4. roman82

    Mercedes 300-24 SPORTLINE 1990 parts

    Hi everybody.i just bought Mercedes 300-24 SPORTLINE saloon( as NEDED some parts for my 300ce SPORTLINE). Engine and gearbox not for sale.interior she has like 500e but gone. Only 4 doors card available from interiors and dashboard in black colour.also all 4 doors in super condition and both...
  5. M

    New appendage.

    Ten minutes ago my daughter pointed out that something was sticking out of the letter box. Upon investigating I was pleasantly greeted one of the best things I have ever witnessed, indeed the girls could not believe that their daddy had got quite so excited about finding a knob sticking through...
  6. P

    w124 e ce te sportline parts

    i have for sale w124 te sportline parts from a 1990 300te 24. front and rear shocks and springs, both anti roll bars and the smaller ratio steering box. a black/burl roll top centre console box and the 6th and 7th rear facing seats complete also in black. thanks
  7. brucemillar

    Mushroom Leather Sportline Data Card Code

    Hi Can anybody please advise the "data card code" for a W124 - Sportline Mushroom Leather Interior? This is a Seven Seat variant I'm not sure if that matters? Many Thanks Bruce
  8. M

    W124 Estate sportline SLS

    Hi Folks, New here but have read so much about this subject I'm confused and this should be a quick answer for someone. I have a 1994 W124 E320 Estate "project car" I want it lowered to look (eventually) like a E36 AMG... To date I've had fitted Sportline springs on the front with number 1...
  9. roman82


    Hi everybody .i just boghut Mercedes 30-24 ce sport line with amg body kit. I did check vin number and it say this is genuine SPORTLINE model. Also car does have amg body kit which is I been told from previous owner always was on car. Pls. Help me find out this real amg kid or someone fit...
  10. brucemillar

    W124 Sportline Leather seat paint?

    Folk I wanted to try and paint the bolster on my drivers seat, but I am struggling to find leather seat paint for the job? Now, I know that there are people out there who will paint the seats in situ (and that may be an option) but I wanted to have a go at the bolster myself. Can anybody help...
  11. G

    w124 Sportline

    Hi All. I'm looking for the plastic grab handle that enables the hood to be pulled down prior to locking in position for my W 124 Sportline 1994 many thanks
  12. R

    300CE-24 Sportline Rear subframe bushes

    Hello all, I am gathering all the parts I need to restore the lower reaches of my 300CE-24 Sportline. The EPC says I need: A1293511442 Rubber mounting (Rear subframe to frame floor - Sportline only) 2 off A1243506708 Repair kit (Mounting parts) 1 off One apparently gets enough for...
  13. D

    w124 e320 185k miles sportline ultra rare manual

    Mercedes E320 Cabriolet Sportline in midnight blue - rare 5-speed manual | eBay
  14. T

    1994 E320 Sportline Convertible

    I bought this in 2012 for about £13,000 Since then ive put my original AMG kit & alloys on it Had the AMG kit resprayed (same colour) Just had the alloys refurbed & new tyres Had a full valet inside & out (inc boot & engine bay) Just had its MOT & a full service Have to sell it as i cant drive...
  15. S

    Uprated front anti roll bar C124 3.2 sportline

    Hi, Just changed all for shocks and was about to the replace the front anti roll bar bushes. Then noticed the original bar has worn away near the bush areas. Apart from replacing with an OEM sportline bar does anyone offer a thicker bar ? Have looked at Eibach and other brands but...
  16. A

    Wanted - 320/280/300 S124 TE Sportline estate

    As per the title, I'm on the lookout for a nice S124 320/280/300 TE/estate with the Sportline/Sports Chassis options. Mileage un-important but must be in very good/excellent condition with good history. I know I can't be too fussy but would really prefer one with leather, aircon and cruise...
  17. Palfrem

    W124 Sportline estate

    W124 MERCEDES 230TE ESTATE SPORTLINE | eBay Looks very nice. 143K miles - pricey?
  18. R

    6.5J wheels for Sportline

    Hello all, A quick question on compatibility of wheels for winter tyres. My Sportline notmal filling is 7Jx15 ET41. I have been offered a set of 6.5Jx15 ET49. My plan is to fit the 6.5Js with winter tyres. Will this fit mu 30CE-24 Sportline with no issues? My thanks in advance...
  19. D

    C124 sportline shocks

    Is anyone able to point me on the direction of a suitable replacement rear shock for a 1993 c124 300ce with no self levelling suspension Thank you
  20. P

    w124 300-24 te sportline breaking

    im going to start breaking a 300-24 te sportline, (this coming week) if anybody requires any parts just p.m me. thanks
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