1. R

    Sports Suspension Issue

    Hi I have an E220 CDI Estate (2003). It had sports suspension fitted by the dealer after it was delivered to their showroom. Recently I had to have to the air suspension pump replaced as the car kept 'dropping' onto the rear tyres after being left for a while. This got more frequent and...
  2. C

    A-Class W176 Instant Sports Grill upgrade!

    I am in to car modifcations and didn't think it was worth paying the extra for the Sports Grill but really liked the look so I bought these Chrome Stickers which have a domed effect to stick on each of the 256 dots! Sticking the first couple were a bit tricky but got a lot easier and quicker as...
  3. S

    W203 Sports Steering Wheel

    I few months back I bought a sports option steering wheel for my 2005 W203 270 CDI to replace the grey standard one in the car. I have just replaced the steering angle sensor and went to fit the wheel, and unfortunately the airbag fittings are different. They are still green and yellow but...
  4. R

    Do all E350 CDI Sports come with Xenons?

    AS above or was this an optional extra?
  5. merc85

    W211 Sports 1 e55k

    When you select "sport 1" on the suspension settings does this also stiffin the Steering up as well as the ride? w211 e55k
  6. G

    W203 17" sports pack wheels and tyres

    Looking for a complete set with tyres , would prefer good condition if possible
  7. clk320x

    Mercedes chrome sports pedal set

    This is a Mercedes sports pedal set for an automatic Brand new, I brought this from Alps but never got round to fitting and am too lazy frankly... opened them up and been in glovebox since PM me if interested I would like £25 for it + shipping :) Cheers
  8. M

    2006(55) mercedes c320 cdi avantgarde se estate automatic 3.0 diesel sports pack

    Full Details Mercedes C320 CDI Avantgarde SE Estate Automatic with Sports Package Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 11th January 2006 – 55 Reg • Three Owners Only • 116,615 miles only with Full Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Turbo Diesel...
  9. Londonscottish

    Do 212 350 Sports Come with Xenons as standard?

    Yet another 212 spec question - going to look at a 2010 E350 Sport. IIRC leccie tailgate is standard. Anyone know if Xenons were also standard fit?
  10. vijilants

    Sports Grill for Mercedes W204 S204 C Class Matt Flat Black C63 AMG Look

    I purchased the grill below three weeks ago for £137.75 from a German supplier. It is matt black with a genuine Mercedes chrome star It fits the W204 C Class, however after fitting it, the look didn't work with the colour of my car. The grill was then never used. It is fitted...
  11. G

    AMG / Sports Pedals

    Not on eBay, but on AliExpress, at very reasonable prices, and for both MB types of pedals - personally bought two sets already, first for my car, and the second one - just to use the accelerator pedal as a footrest - worked out great, and I have a spare brake pedal as a bonus. Type I...
  12. Lenny63

    W219 airmatic - won't lower from comfort to sports 1/2

    Plugged into star , no active or Stored faults Any suggestions ? Is there some tests I could get carried out via STAR to narrow down the issue ? It was working fine until recently Regards Lenny
  13. T5R+

    W204 Facelift Saloon Sport(s) Grill

    Seeking a replacement please. Needs to be intact with all lugs and no visible damage. Car is 2013 saloon. May be little slow to respond but promise to come back to you.
  14. Alps

    Brand new Sports Pedal set to fit most Mercedes

    Brand new Sports Pedal set for automatic accelerator, brake and handbrake pedal as per pic below £25 + postage PM me is interested, thanks
  15. S

    C63 AMG W204 Sports Cats + Carbon Fibre Intake

    As title... Looking for best place to buy, used, or new if the price is right. Cheers Slarty Bartfast
  16. E

    Help... Stuck in sports mode

    Yesterday my 2008 W204 started behaving oddly. The sport mode keeps randomly coming on, not the button next to the gear stick, the one on the dash that's changes suspension and the engine. The red light is always on and it's definitely in sports mode not just the red light on. Can't turn it off...
  17. D

    Mercedes C320 2009 3 litre V6 with sports pack (including winter wheel set) - pristin

    MERCEDES C320 SPORT CDI A, GREY, 2009, Mercedes, C Class, Grey, 2009, 45000 miles, 4 doors, Saloon, Automatic, Diesel, 3L V6, ABS, Alarm, immobiliser, alloy wheels, CD player, central locking, electric folding mirrors, electric windows, heated seats, power steering, radio, satelite navigation...
  18. Darrell

    Sports personality etc etc

    How boring can it possibly be?
  19. F

    Modern, Classic Ferrari's at the Classic & Sports Car Show
  20. ukmike

    C220 AMG sports coupe.

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