1. E

    Sporty or faulty?

    Hello, Few months ago, I bought Mercedes E200 CGI coupe 2011. Only when I accelerate (foot on throttle) I hear a throaty roaring noise, coming somewhere from front/middle section of the car. I am pretty sure this is not the normal sporty noise. So I took it to the dealer and they claimed...
  2. R

    What sporty "classic" under £10k that won't devalue significantly?

    Hi, You may remember I thought about getting an XK8, I've since wondered if I'm slightly too "young" to be driving one. My main annoyance with cars is that you will always lose money. Therefore i like to go for cars where I think I won't lose that much money. Buying a Ford Fiesta would...
  3. A

    Estate Shape -- "Sporty??"

    Why are all Estates .. every make really .. going for a "sporty" look? You buy an estate to carry things? So why this trend for a "sportwagon"? I'm lucky enough to have a 911 as well as my Estate. But come on you can't make a large E class estate into a sporty little car! We buy...
  4. PeterE320Cdi

    Sporty Diesel Saloons

    I like the look of this 190D 2.5 Sportline 74k with full history. and here is an interesting E300 Diesel AMG...
  5. P

    Other Options? £8k for something sporty & classy?

    Following on from my previous thread about the merits of the SL500 and CLK340, i'm wondering what else you guys would recommend for around the £8k mark. I'm looking for something with plenty of grunt and drives well, that looks sporty (coupe most likely, though would consider a sporty looking...
  6. janner

    Sporty 190E interior
  7. S

    Sporty Tuning

    Hi , Does anyone know what 488 sporty tuning (с 01.10.1996) from the VIN specs on my 320 CLK actually means.
  8. pammy

    Happy birthday - Sporty reptile

    :bannana: :D Have a great day chuck :D :bannana:
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