1. Y

    E280 Cdi Spotlight Problem

    Hi All, I've recently purchased an E280 Cdi which I am really chuffed with. However, I think I may have a niggly problem with the spotlights. When the lights are on auto and the vehicle wheels are pointing straight ahead, both spotlights illuminate normally. Then, when I turn the steering to...
  2. G

    spotlight wiring

    Hiya and evening all. I'm after a bit of help if possible. Ive got a 15 plate sprinter and am trying to find out how to wire some front spotlights on to it the have a side light and main beam. So ive heard they run on canbus wiring and I have no idea how this works.. Any help would be most...
  3. D

    Coleman ultra high power led spotlight and camping lamp light

    brand new great christmas gift Whether you’re at work or working on your vehicle, you’ll see clearly in the darkest, smallest places with the Coleman® CPX™ 6 Ultra High Power LED Spotlight. CPX™ system compatibility lets you choose your power: four D cell batteries or one CPX™ 6 rechargeable...
  4. BTB 500

    Cheap energy-saver GU10 (spotlight) bulbs

    Normal energy-saver bulbs have tumbled in price recently, but these "GU10" bulbs have remained around £8-£9. Maplin have them on special offer for £4.99 each at the moment: Since they're typically used in fittings that have...
  5. R

    N.Side Spotlight on a facelift W208.

    Can anyone tell me (if it is not too stupid a question). How do I change the nearside front spotlight bulb on a CLK320 facelift model? Only had the car 3 weeks and havn't figured it out yet. Heres Hoping Patrick.
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