1. J

    Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series: Spotted

    Who needs forced induction ;0)
  2. SW18

    Forlorn CL600 spotted

    I keep passing this sorry-looking CL600 on my journey to work: it has been parked there for quite a long time not appearing to move. Seems to have had quite a hard life and now has no MOT so I wonder if someone bought it and now it needs major work to pass...
  3. Doc matt


    Is there a spotted sticky on the forum? I couldn't see one. Mods: Maybe we can have one in here. CL63 AMG driving out of London Sunday morning. Very nice car, had a bit of fun in between speed cameras. Forgot the reg plate. Forum member? Sounded loud :thumb:
  4. S

    C63 IPE for £1200 I spotted

    This is cheap? IPE Exhaust for C63 - The M3cutters - UK BMW M3 Group Forum
  5. mark44

    R63 spotted!

    Sorry for such a dull post but I spotted an r63 earlier outside my office window and thought if anyone gave a **** they would probably be on this forum! I think the girl I was with thought I was mental for getting excited about a 2 ton mpv - but I've never actually seen one in the metal. Far...
  6. Felstmiester

    Spotted c63 r

    Not me but a friend of mine see a c63 r yesterday. Didn't think they was being released till 2018??
  7. toffee-pie

    Spotted Brabus V12

    So on my boring trip back from Sainsburys last night I poked my head back at a Merc that cought my eye, I only saw the rear and noticed Brabus and E V12 (think it was E but definately had Brabus V12). Looked fantastic (obviously!) and wish I turned around to have another look. Is this a...
  8. N

    New C63 coupe spotted M65 Eastbound

    Spotted a new C63 coupe black driving eastbound on M65 around 8:30am this morning near Blackburn. looked really good from the rear but so from front 3/4 or front. The rear looked wide and planted with aggressive stance, the rest looked disproportionate and clunky. First I've seen on the road.
  9. T

    GS 64 AMG - Spotted. E63 estate

    M3 north this morning. Anyone on here?
  10. C

    Classy E63 Cab spotted

    Tescos car park this morning was graced with this beauty!
  11. V

    Spotted SL65

    Driving through York today and a black SL65 came out of a junction right in front of me and were side by side at a junction. Both the facelift models just released a 63 & 65 Wow what's the odds that that's maybe the only one registered?:bannana:
  12. D

    spotted on eBay...

    Mercedes C63 AMG Mode Carbon Splitter (Front Only) | eBay
  13. KillerHERTZ

    Spotted, another CLS55 AMG

    Drove past a Black CLS55 AMG on the Fosse Way (A429) around midday, outside Wellesbourne. Anyones here? I know there's a dark blue one in Moreton-In-Marsh, but I'm pretty certain it was black I passed.
  14. Pete W

    Flat spotted wheels after hitting a pothole

    As per title Car was in MB today and they say I have flat spotted both wheels on the passenger side and they need replacing. Thing is the car drives fine no vibrations. Can these be repaired or am I looking at new rims even though I can not feel any problems/vibrations through steering etc.
  15. merc85

    Spotted black sls

    As above Mb black drop head Sls , a120 Harwich this morning sounded awesome:rock::rock:
  16. J

    Lexus LFA: Spotted

    Love this car This is imperative viewing National Geographic Lexus LFA
  17. J

    Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG DR520: Spotted
  18. J

    Audi RS4 (B7) Avant: Spotted

    Always admired this model
  19. Conquistador

    New Maybach spotted on the road

    Spotted it off 7th Avenue, NYC. I just thought it was a new S-Class at first but the only thing that really made it stand out was the 'MM' logo on the rear quarter. The thing is a beast, absolutely enormous.
  20. S

    Spotted lovely SL55 for sale...

    Top Spec SL 55 AMG with Performance Pack Options - The M3cutters - UK BMW M3 Group Forum In case anyone is looking :)
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