1. JimGreen

    Been playing with a spray can....... thoughts ???

    Been thinking about putting another colour on the C63's lower front spoiler, I initially did it with 3M Wrap, but it just didn't have the glossy finish I was after. Having done a bit of spraying in the past, I decided to go the whole way and bought myself a can of BMW Mini Chilli Red. I prepared...
  2. optimusprime

    Silicone spray can deal 500 ml

    Hi was looking for some silicone spray , and i came across this on Ebay Item nuber 272000605544 6 tins of this silicone for £19-99 . Mine have just turned up real good deal..
  3. clk320x

    Wax before detailing spray

    I recently polished my Silver CLK. After which I applied some wipe on wipe off Sonax Brilliant Shine detailer, do I still need to apply Wax? Or is the detailer enough apparently it's does the same sealing job? Also, what's the best method of cleaning in between the panel gaps, for example the...
  4. J

    Vinyl dye spray

    Hi all, has anybody used vinyl dye spray for car seats / trims etc. Looking changing from 1970s brown to black.
  5. Scooby_Doo

    To spray or not to spray ??????

    My car's in the bodyshop and they've just been in contact re the damage. I need a new boot and bumper, main bodywork no damage and the car is all straight. PROBLEM - they want to spray both sides of the car from the rear down to the door shut ("E" class coupe ) so that the paint matches (Polar...
  6. Z

    Good Spray shop near me

    I have damage to the bottom of my nearside rear door caused by something falling out of a van with the rear door partly open,I suspect it was a small milling tool or something I have 3 deep scratches but no dent as it caught me a glancing blow,anywhere near to Harwich, Colchester,anybody got a...
  7. OneForTheRoad

    air con mould killer spray

    good deal on right now at euro car parts , with offer code entered I got 3 tins of air con refresher spray for £10.76 .
  8. H

    Good Spray paint Shop in Glasgow area?

    Can anyone recommend a good paint shop in the Glasgow area? Thanks folks.
  9. markmifsud

    Small Spray Job, not on an MB though...

    Hi all, last night my partner had an argument with a range rover on a narrow road. She pulled over as it was clear there was not much room, he decided there was and did not slow down at all, taking her door mirror with him. Of course he didn't bother to stop even though part of his was in the...
  10. P

    Spray shop recommendation in London area?

    Hi all, I've just managed to get hold of some rot-free front wings for my car and will need them stripped, rust proofed and painted. Has anyone got a recommendation for a place to get it done? Many years ago there was a user on here called CKLClive. It looks like he's no longer here but if...
  11. M

    How much to spray a boot lid

    I've just bought a new boot lid for the 124 and was wondering how much I should expect to pay to get it sprayed up. I'll be getting the rest of the car repainted at some point soon so blending it in isn't top of the priorities, just having a hole free boot will be a bonus. Any ideas of what...
  12. C

    Spray wrap?

    Anyone know or heard of this? Videos Apparently wraps go from £500
  13. MDC250

    Tried a new spray sealant

    So as per title bought 5 litres of Car Chem HiShine as on offer via DW. Managed a little play today. Both cars were given:- Pre wash with VP Citrus Pre Wash; Foam with DJ iFoam (not convinced about this product, not as good so far as other foams I've used but will try a stringer mix next...
  14. D

    electronic circuit cleaner spray

    To those who follow the oil, what spray do you use to clean the ecu circuitry? (apparently there is one that takes hours to dry). I'm thinking BlackC55 would know? Also would it be a good or bad idea to coat the circuitry in a protective film/wax of some kind? (i'm sure there is something...
  15. P

    Engine Cleaner Engine Degreaser Engine Spray Cleaner

    CarPlan Engine Cleaner & Degreaser Trigger 500ml Spray Car Grease Dirt Remover is 3.99 delivered on ebay today as a daily deal. Just bought some.
  16. N

    Merc impregnator spray stained hood

    Have used this several times with good results This weekend the can started foaming part way through - hoped foam would then dry ok bit has dried white staining good badly Tried nail brush and washing also hoovering when dry no luck - phoned merc and they have offered to collect car and clean...
  17. 1945wickedred

    White lithium grease spray,excellent.

    Hi,just took delivery of a can of white lithium grease spray from Amazon,had a stiff and creaking boot lid,not anymore,this stuff is pretty good and for less than six pounds it was well worth it to cure the problem,highly recommended.So if you have any noisy or dry hinges this is the stuff.:bannana:
  18. michaelk3289

    Re spray on my w124

    Hi there all the old beast will be having a make over (well a re spray) are there any jobs i should get done or looked at before it goes in for a re spray im thinking of replacing both front wings ans they are starting to show signs of rust in the corners thanks
  19. Gh3382

    Spray can mirror repair problem

    sorry if I am in the wrong section here. I had a lorry catch my miiror on my Insignia but couldnt stop to get his registration so paid £23.00 for the mirror cover and £13.00 for the 2 can spray paint. At first I thought he had hit the wing. Colour is not too bad (sovereign silver metallic )...
  20. Charles Morgan

    Roses - bird friendly mildew spray

    A long shot, but I am slowly changing my garden into a rose garden. The weather has been rather conducive to mildew of late and I have to spray. Thanks to an absence of cats and an abundance of nesting sites, I have numerous wild birds in the garden and would rather spray with something that...
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