1. John

    More scum spraying corrosive substances again.

    How long is it going to take before spraying corrosive substances becomes punishable by a lengthy jail sentence. Probably never knowing this country. Meanwhile, scum like this are allowed to breathe air still...
  2. S

    Spraying C63 Calipers Red

    As the title suggests i want to spray all of my callipers red, however finding someone in the local area who will store the car and do a good job covering seals etc is proving harder than i thought. I did look at brakecaliper refurbs however they require the callipers for three weeks and i have...
  3. John

    Spraying a radiator.

    Since this forum is a wealth of knowledge in many other areas, I thought I would see if someone can tell me what I am doing wrong here: I have sprayed a radiator with a new can of Valspar white spray paint. The radiator looks fine but when you get up close and look down, there are white...
  4. Mattmccarthy

    Wheel spraying on Cla 45 amg

    My cla 45 has silver multi-spoke alloys and i was wondering what they look like if you get them sprayed. Does it show that they've been sprayed? Which places are the best?
  5. T

    Best Face masks for DIY spraying etc

    Anyone recommend Good face masks for spraying I 've used a variety over the last two years I have found none good enough for me to repeat the purchase We're not talking two pack paints here or positive airflow from a compressor here just something that will adequately protect me from the...
  6. P

    W203 Estate Rear Screen Washer not spraying, just dripping!

    Not very polite forum etiquette for my first post to be a problem, but that's better than spamming nonsense! I've recently bought a W203 C270 CDI estate, but I've got an irritating problem. The rear washer gets water to the screen, and if I pull up the plastic cap at the base of the arm and...
  7. M

    How to prep a plastic bumper for spraying

    I've picked up used front a rear bumpers with the intention of using these as part of the process of mono-toning my W124 and thought I may as well have a crack at prepping them myself. having sanded back all of the gauges and scrapes, there are still some fairly shallow scratches in the sanded...
  8. D

    Spraying bumpers

    Hi, I was thinking of spraying my bumpers to match the colour of the car rather than getting in new ones, before i atempt it i thought i'd ask to see if i am able to spray on this type of surface
  9. spock500

    Air compressor for spraying

    Hi all, Have been thinking about buying one of these for a a while to spray a couple of panels on my W202. I tried a quick search of the forum but all a/c related threads :o It seems to be the 'oil free' ones are best used for spraying but not 100% on that, really just going by the blurb that...
  10. BigDusty

    Metal Spraying

    Hi all, Does anyone know a company (as near to Cardiff as poss) who can repair a worn shaft (made of aluminium) with a technique by spraying metal and then machining it back to its original size. Thanks in advance, BigD
  11. KillerHERTZ

    DIY spraying?

    After spending god knows how much on spray cans at halfrauds, Im thinking I should invest in a DIV spraying system etc. Im not up for paying out loads, any recommendations etc? I remember in the Aldi* catalog at few months back they had a compressor for this purpose and it was around £60...
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