1. whitenemesis

    New Dairylea Spread

    It's just not cheesey! The old stuff was so much more cheese flavoured, the new 'improved' stuff is, just, not! "Progress is deterioration" :wallbash:
  2. Spinal

    MRE Cheese Spread

    Ok, this one will seem weird... especially coming from an Italian that truly loves cheese... (on a car forum...) A while ago, I had the misfortune of eating MREs, and no amount of liquor will ever purge the horrid smell & consistency of the "meat" in that pack (and I use the term meat very...
  3. fabes

    should I rotate to spread the wear

    This is on the C220 Sports Coupe I have Michelins on all four corners - good tyres (but quite expensive) on 17's Rears are around the 5mm mark Front are now at 3mm (poss just below) This being my first RWD car I thought the rears would wear more, being the driven axle, but the front...
  4. Satch

    SPECS cameras spread

    "A new "intelligent" speed trap is set to catch thousands of drivers in London. Groups of cameras will track cars over a wide area - such as a housing estate - instead of "flashing" them at just one spot. Designers say it will be impossible for drivers to outwit them by slamming on their...
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