1. Tim203

    Reasons to be cheerful..... Or spreading the love

    Every Friday I go to my local and meet my friends. It's the only night I drink . A wise man once said to me,"Tim, if you want to know something go to your local". Yesterday was no different as a conversation developed about EU in or out. One of my younger friends(32) who is a general builder(...
  2. Charles Morgan

    Spreading the word

    I have been down to Brighton a lot this year, Nick Froome has been helping me with my BMW 02 (he races one) and also planning the installation of some superb hifi in the W124. In front of the garage that I keep my 02, he keeps a couple of W201s that the market just doesn't seem to want at a...
  3. Kinky

    The gospel of the colour is spreading

    Looks like the colour gospel is spreading, which I can only put down to the quality work of our very own Lord Walker III :bannana: [Taken from Pistonheads] What is it with all these Silver / Grey BORING cars! I counted 100+ on the M4 yesterday between J12 and J13 whilst going the...
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