1. grober

    Side load spring technology

    Already posted on another topic, but perhaps worth repeating here. Side Load Coil Spring Technology - Part Info
  2. C

    Spring coil specs

    Hello, Can anyone provide a list with the specs(dimensions) for the spring coils. On my CLS 320(C219) the suspension is lowered, that is how I bought the car, but it is a bit soft. I would like to change the springs, but could use some help build them springs.
  3. M.A.94

    How to spring perch/shims work

    I've lowred my car and it's currently sitting way too low on the front. I'm using #3 spring shim which is 13 mm. If I use the #5 spring shim which is 21mm would this raise my car by 8mm. Or do you double the size difference which would mean it raises it 16mm (I have read this on a...
  4. T

    Spring cleaning update.

    Hi , so I've owned my 320ce for about 4 weeks now and thought I'd drop a little update, I've fitted new engine harness,re wired the throttle body,had a little clean round and made a list of stuff that needs doing, overall I'm pleased with her but lots to do . Got her tax and insurance and took...
  5. N

    spring loaded chrome ovals

    Could someone please let me know what the split spring loaded chrome ovals on the flat deck of my E Class Cabriolet are there for? Its surprising how many people ask me!!
  6. F

    Supercars of London - Spring 2017

  7. E

    W211 Front spring failure

    My E280 front end had collapsed over night? The O/F of the car has dropped so far that I can't even drive to the garage. I assume it's the coil spring that has failed (glad it happened on the driveway and not on the motorway). Can anyone recommend a good brand of replacement front coil...
  8. M

    w202 front suspension spring cups

    i went to the dealers today to buy some parts and while i was there i thought i would ask if they sold the front spring cups for my w202. He was a nice young lad quite helpful but he seemed completely lost when i asked about them. can you buy them ?
  9. David404

    Spring clean

    OK so I had the wheels refurbished this week (nice job by The Wheel Specialist in Birmingham) and thought I'd give the car a 'quick wash'. Well it was a nice day and having had the wheels done wanted to see it at its best... Absolutely knackered, the years are catching up with me...
  10. C

    Lowering spring

    Hi guys New new to Mercedes-Benz cars I have a C200 AMG Line as wondering if any one has lowered their cars with H&R springs or any other springs. The ride at the moment is very smooth and I don't want to loose that quality and ride comfort when lowering so I want to know what people have...
  11. Alex225

    Spring Clean

    Since the SL now has a working roof, thought it needed a clean. Pre-wash with Valet Pro Citrus, washed with Gyeon Bathe+ and Megs microfibre mitt. Tyres given some shine with Meguiars tyre gel. Looks pretty good to me :thumb:
  12. N

    W212 broken front coil spring

    Hi guys Driving to work this morning i heard a large bang from the front left of my car. I stopped and got out to find approx. 6 inches of the front left coil spring sitting in the bottom of spring cup. The spring had broken at the bottom and didn't seem to be causing any issue so i...
  13. C

    Spring Compressor and Ball joint press

    Hello All, I am contemplating changing the ball joints myself, quite handy with a spanner and fancy a go. Firstly, I need a spring compressor. Clearly there is the Klann tool at one end of the price spectrum at the other there are the kits such as the ones on ebay and amazon about £60-£70.00...
  14. Z

    Wanted:: Coil Spring

    Hi Guys, i'm looking for a rear suspension coil spring for a W163 ML320 2001 if any one has one let me know. Rich
  15. AMGeed

    Spring Clean

    As it was forecast to be nice and sunny today, I decided it was time to give the car a decent clean after winter and catch up on a couple of jobs that needed doing. A good wash with Meg's Gold Class shampoo and rinsed off with a hosepipe saw the car ready for job # 1. The cloudy headlights...
  16. Eddy77

    CLK Boot release lever spring

    Afternoon Gents,  Been a bit absent on the forums lately; I often check in but rarely have the technical know how to contribute!  Today I have a quick tech question.  Car: 2008 A209 CLK 350 Sport Cab (facelift model)  The spring seems to have failed in the "boot release lever". Let me...
  17. D

    Adrian Flux Spring Static 19th May

    COME AND HELP US GET THE SHOW SEASON STARTED IN STYLE! Adrian Flux has teamed up with some local car clubs and our friends at the Adrian Flux Arena (Norfolk Arena) to bring you an evening of automotive fun. This is our first time hosting such an event, being a specialist and modified...
  18. lisa110rry

    First signs of Spring?

    THis morning, the snow drops were out on my walk by the river with my dog, another week and the daffs will be fully out, and... I saw a man in a venerable BMW convertible go down my lane with the roof down! Yea! Just a month and 24 days and the roadster will be out again!
  19. MatBat

    WANTED - Spring Compressors

    Hi all, I'm about to embark on replacing all the front suspension on my S124 300TD. I need a set of the internal spring compressors to do the job, if anyone has a set they're willing to sell or loan please let me know. Mat 07763 656960
  20. BIG_G_1979

    W211 oem sport spring set

    For sale and in very good condition oem sport spring set as pictured 85 http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w407/garethbevan59/Mobile%20Uploads/DSC_0285_zpsekij3mvv.jpg
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