1. unclebuck

    replacement front shocks and springs

    My first post here and hopefully a solution! I have a 2005 clk 220 cdi i believe this is a W209? for a little while when going over a section of rough road i would hear clunking and what sounded like a washer rattling around. Today just as i got off the phone to mercedes booking in my B...
  2. tron

    Need some help with standard springs.

    Car: S202 C250TD. Elegance spec. Sitting a bit low after a lifetime of speedbumps, I expect. Problem: Owner is a soft old git who doesn't want lower springs. I have tried to find the correct spring from the VIN but the catalogues only list springs for the sportier chassis. I want comfort so I...
  3. FateSynchro

    Lowering Springs

    Anyone had this done? Any pics and who did it? i'm booked into MSL for the 15th to have some lowering springs and a link bar fitted however they are only 20mm springs. I dont feel this is a substansial enough drop, anyone know of 30-40mm springs? Or have any advise on what drop is best...
  4. M.A.94

    Difference in w210 front and rear springs

    I have just purchased a new h&r suspension for my w210 e320 cdi. I've noticed that the front and rear springs are identical. However looking at the shims I've just got from the dealers the rear ones are wider. Can somebody confirm if the rear springs need to be wider than the front ones. I...
  5. wu56Shoozz

    New Springs and..

    the car now pulls to the left. Its a W203 C320CDi.. so would changing the springs cause this? I know that the strut has to be fully removed from the car to replace the springs, but I didn't think it would alter the tracking or steering.. They were replaced with genuine items (MB) as I has an...
  6. S

    Coilovers or lowering springs on w203 kompressor.

    Plans are to lower the car a bit and would prefer 20 to 30 mm springs but wonder if they bottom out much. Coilovers are expensive but no bottom out issues. Any advice. Sent from my 5056X using Tapatalk
  7. Tuono-AMG

    H&R Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC C450 C43 AMG 28811-2 Performance Lowering Springs

    H&R Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC C450 C43 AMG 28811-2 Performance Lowering Springs Set of H&R performance lowering springs As new, unused, never fitted, BNIB. I purchased these for our Mercedes C43 coupe, but have since decided to go down the complete KW Variant 3 route, so have these...
  8. DirtyDribbla

    Lowering Springs

    Morning chaps and chapettes, Heres my new W124 out of storage and back at home. IM trying to put her through the MOT and have been made aware previous owner cut the springs to achieve an 80mm drop. 80mm springs are hard to find / dont exist an can only find 70mm for T2 Campers. Any...
  9. Tuono-AMG

    H&R Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC C450 C43 AMG 28811-2 Performance Lowering Springs

    H&R Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC C450 C43 AMG 28811-2 Performance Lowering Springs I have a set of these H&R springs for sale, as new, please contact me directly if you'd like more details. H&R Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC C450 C43 AMG 28811-2 Performance Lowering Springs | eBay
  10. P

    H&R 29028-1 Lowering Springs Kit (20mm) - Mercedes W204 C63

    Bought these to go on my 2012 C63 Coupé but never got round to fitting them. Still sealed in original box. 20mm drop H&R part number: 29028-1 Looking for £270 shipped within the UK. Any questions, please ask!
  11. F

    Vito W447 Lowering springs question

    Hi all I'm thinking about getting the Vito sport lowered, it seems to ride quite high at the back (I dont usually have a heavy load in the back too) Just wondering what set people would recommend? Also would it be the same drop all the way round, or lower at the front than the rear? Sorry...
  12. horatio

    Pair of new W202 KYB rear springs

    I have a brand new pair of KYB coil springs to fit the rear of a W202 saloon - not sport/esprit or estate. 1.1996 to end of production. Part number is RA5346 KYB catalogue - http://www.kyb-europe.com/pdf/2016/KYB2016_Coil_Spring_Catalogue.pdf £30 for the pair posted. Bargain!
  13. clk208

    MOT at main dealer - says broken rear springs

    Hi folks, Took my CLS for a 7+ value service plus MOT at the main dealer today. They just phoned to say the car failed it's MOT on rear springs which are apparently both broken and can supply/fit new parts for £409. A dealer had previously "thought" they were broken a year or 2 ago but when I...
  14. Graham21

    ARNOTT Rear Springs or Refurbished Merc Ones??

    So sadly my new exciting purchase was short lived. Only bought the car just over a week ago. I've not really driven the car much since the run back from London. Turns out the compressor is failing STAR tests when cold but clearing once warmed up. This is due to the near side rear air spring...
  15. comports

    W209 CLK Rear Springs

    Hi Gang Its been a while since I've been on but not used the Merc lately sadly due to work commitments. When I say lately - for a while.... MOT yesterday and have done 235 miles since last years..:eek: (I really should sell it guess) BUT - It failed the MOT on a broken rear spring. I...
  16. gibmyster07

    Anyone have 40mm H&R Lowering springs on w211 Sport

    Looking for some pics of people who lowered there w211 e200 sport or similar on H&R Springs :)
  17. D

    C63 (W204) H+R Springs (Covered 3000 Miles)

    For Sale: C63 (W204) H+R Springs (Covered 3000 Miles) Selling springs as car is now sold. £200 Tel: 07958 331445
  18. S

    W203 springs for sport chassis

    Hi folks, I have a 2002 W203 c270cdi estate, which has recently had front suspension work completed. The car is an elegance model with sports chassis, so I spec'd the springs as such, Sachs sports lowered for C270/C320cdi. The struts are also spec'd Bilstein B4 for this model, and I also got the...
  19. ACID

    Eibach Lowering Springs Mercedes CLS 320d & 350 Petrol

    A set of very good used Eibach lowering springs, part no: E10-25-008-08-22 Will fit Mercedes CLS 320d & 350 petrol. Fitting is available, please inquire about cost:
  20. J

    W204 320cdi lowering springs

    Hi folks just recently joined because i am now the proud owner of a w204 c320cdi it has the amg pack as far as I'm aware this comes with slightly lowered suspension but it's not low enough. I was wondering does anyone have pics of there w204 c320cdi which they have installed lowering springs...
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