1. Charles Morgan

    Ginetta G20 Junior Track / Sprint / Hillclimb car

    I bought this so the apprentices and recently qualified mechanics at Project Shop could learn about competition, tuning, preparing cars for racing etc. With their move to new premises, the lovely little beast will no longer have a home. As she isn't road legal, and I can't fit in her, she has...
  2. BenzedUP

    Sprint Booster (Latest Gen)

    Hi Guys, I have a sprint booster Gen 2 latest model with switchable button up for sale. It was fitted on my C350 coupé but now it's just sitting here in its box. Perfect condition, comes in it's original box, etc.. These are £194 brand new! Looking for £80 plus £7 P&P. Cheers, Joe.
  3. C

    Sprint Booster W219 CLS 350

    Hi, Looking to get a sprint booster for my car. Have read a lot about it on here....good and bad. My car does suffer from lag as I'm sure most DWB cars would. I'll be ordering it tomorrow. Is it an easy install on this car? I only ask because it took me many hours to fit simple front...
  4. D

    FS : Sprint Booster for AMG V8 5.5 TT

    As above, 1 year old, as new. With remote setting button on lead. Really makes the car feel much more lively compared with the standard L-O-N-G throw throttle pedal action. The setting button will run round to the side of the seat base, then you can select OFF, sport or race easily with your...
  5. vijilants

    W202 C Class Sprint Booster For Sale

    Folks, I have a W202 Sprint Booster for sale....part number BDD451A. If you have fly by wire throttle, simply plug inline under the bonnet....takes 2 minutes to fit and increases throttle response. I didn't use it for long, and have the original recipt...paid £158.81 new. Yours for £60 + £5...
  6. Optimus prime

    Sprint Booster

    Anyone tried a sprint booster on there 2010 E or C63? If so was it worth it? Thanks
  7. S92Jockey

    Triumph Sprint ST 955i

    Triumph Sprint ST955i 2001 Mot 8/2015 27k Runs / rides faultlessly... Excellent tyres... Beawulf exhaust.. Sounds amazing.. :-) £1650
  8. jamesfuller

    Oundle classic sprint 28/12/14

    If any one is looking to get out of the house for some fresh air! Oundle Classic Sprint - OCS Its the first one, so not sure what it will be like, but sounds like a laugh. It is sponsored by Q prep, a company which looks after a majority of the rally cars in our club so I would say there...
  9. E

    SELLING 2x Bilstein Front B8 Sprint Damper For Mercedes Benz E-Class [W210] (95-03)

    Hi Guys (and girls), I am selling my BRAND NEW + BOXED Bilstein Front B8 Sprint Dampers as I no longer require them! Want £210inc postage (RRP £270) full description bellow... Shortened Damper For Use With Lowering Springs Bilstein Mono Tube Damper Technology Enhanced Grip Optimum...
  10. A

    Alfa Romeo Sprint - £13K

    I stumbled across this by accident. I used to have a Burnt Orange one and loved it. Sadly a rust bucket but wellll.... I sold it for £300. I should have kept it as an investment! Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce Cloverleaf | eBay
  11. N

    Murder, manslaughter or stupidity? What killed Sprint Car racer?

    Murder, manslaughter, stupidity, racing incident? What killed Sprint Car racer? Everyone has probably seen the video...
  12. H

    Wanted - Sprint Booster for w203 facelift

    If anyone has a Sprint Booster for a w203 facelift (2005). I'd like to try one but don't want to pay almost £200 for a new - if a second hand working unit will work. Thanks, Hiten
  13. T

    Sprint booster

    Hi, I am looking for a sprint booster 1st or 2nd generation for my 2005 W220 S500. If you have one for sale, please let me know. Best regards
  14. C

    Sprint Booster BDD451A

    For Sale Sprint Booster BDD451A (non AMG version) Looking for £80.00 delivered. Please PM for details
  15. AJD

    sprint booster

    Im interested to know peoples opinion on the sprint booster. I've got a c200 cdi coupe which I had remapped with Bluefin data. It made a hell of a difference, both performance and economy. Still feels that there is a bit of lag there so Just curious to know if the sprint booster will cure this
  16. E

    Sprint booster BDD451 (series 1)

    £45 +Delivery
  17. I

    C63 1/4 mile sprint

    There may be a few here who appreciate this :thumb: Milltek Mercedes C63 AMG on Vimeo That sound :rock:
  18. J

    Will my old sprintbooster work with C250 CGI BE?

    Hi everyone, I have had a sprintbooster in my C180k Auto for around 5 years and it makes it feel like it has 50bhp extra. (having 120k probably helps too:p) I know there is a new SB with a 3 stage process etc however will my regular SB for Merc Autos work on my new 2010 C250 CGI? Thanks in...
  19. R

    Sprint booster W204 W212 W221 W164 not AMG

    HI all, standard sprintbooster for standard merc auto gearbox - fits most models with the DBW (drive by wire) throttle pedal. Used for 12 months in my C250 CDI without issue over 30,000 miles - cures that step off hesitancy. Standard non adjustable one.... plug and go. Was £200 new...
  20. cabvw

    Sprint Booster

    All Wanted a Sprint Booster for a W210. Many thanks Cabvw:thumb:
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