1. N

    Mercedes Sprinter White Diesel smoke dpf?

    Hello guys/girls, I am hoping you can help I have a 515 Mercedes sprinter minicoach and it is occasionally kicking out putrid white smoke on idle, the oil level was also rising.. the garage says the dpf is not blocked but I've only had the problems since they replaced the catalytic convertor...
  2. H

    313 sprinter cruise control help

    Hi I have recently got a sprinter 313 (2012) it has cruise control but I have a feeling it is actually broken or I am completely screwing this up. From what I have read all I have to do is push the stork upwards and it should kick in and then you adjust as you go along etc Mine doesn't do...
  3. guydewdney

    Sprinter rear lights

    Hello Back again. Got a sprinter now. 2007 with startship mileage. Anyway. Today involved adding a reverse camera and tow bar. Fitted camera first. Tested fine. All done and dusted. Fitted towbar, really easy, except the wiring. I paid extra for a kit specific to the sprinter...
  4. I

    Tyres for my Mercedes sprinter

    Believe it or not my Mercedes sprinter is the 2007 version and only now have I got to have some new tyres on the front. I am a disabled driver so don't awful lot of driving. I suppose it's best to replace with what was already on there. How much are tyres for the Mercedes sprinter nowadays?
  5. C

    2001 Sprinter - Intermittent Non-Starter & Dies whilst driving

    My first time here, so hello! ... and thanks (especially as its a long post!) in advance to anyone that can help. I have a 2001 Sprinter 311cdi, which I have converted to a camper. For over 2 years there has been an intermittent fault which started as follows: Whilst in a queu one wet...
  6. H

    HELP SPRINTER V6 Dropping Boost

    My 2007 Sprinter V6 is losing boost it changes up through auto box and when in top gear say on an incline and you put foot down it will get boost pressure then all of a sudden loses power basicaly no boost again until it is over 3000rpm just no go about it if I stop engine and restart it is...
  7. 650max

    2007 Sprinter injector leak-off rates.

    I'm pretty certain I've got one or more dribbling injectors on my 2007 311 CDI, they're the Bosch Piezo type.. Symptoms are - rough idle when hot (as though it were running on 3.5 cylinders or imagine putting the choke on a hot petrol engine), very smoky at idle, clears when under way after...
  8. C

    swing away for sprinter van

    Hi Guys looking for the swing away featured in this video struggling to find one in the uk any help appreciated skip to 3.30 to see the swing arm [YOUTUBE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBQcNzcRGQw&t=569s/YOUTUBE] http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBQcNzcRGQw&t=569s
  9. R

    07 sprinter limp mode

    My sprinter went into limp mode with a p0404 code. Just changed the egr (second hand). Vans now out of limp mode, but didn't sound right on startup (exhaust note). It ran fine for 10 minutes and then started smoking (grey). Any help advice would be appreciated. Cheers Sent from my EVA-L09...
  10. J

    Sprinter 311 LWB

    Hi All, I have a sprinter 311 lwb and when in gear I can hear a grinding/whining noise coming from the middle/rear of the van. But when you push the clutch in the noise goes away. Any ideas what this can be?? help would be grateful. Cheers James
  11. H

    Sprinter 906 313 2.2CDI POWER LOSS

    Hi guys I'm new on here and after years of driving simple easy/cheap to fix ford transits I've gone a bought a sprinter 313 2.2 cdi 2007 with 140k on it Was driving fine however now the thing can barely get up a bloody hill at 25mph, I have delphi autocom and read out and reset the fault codes...
  12. S

    Sprinter 313 cdi 2010 EGR pipe

    Hi all. I'm currently replacing the metal pipe from the EGR valve to the inlet manifold. However, the fixing plate to secure onto the manifold doesn't seem to fit over the flanges. I've cut the old pipe in half to get it off but can't get it onto the new one!!!!3
  13. P

    Mercesdes Sprinter RHD to LHD conversion

    Looking for someone to carry out conversion of 07 or newer Sprinter vans from a RHD to LHD. Suggestions and recommendations please :)
  14. N

    Faulty sprinter alarm.

    Hi, I own a 2012 sprinter, been having trouble with the alarm and locking since I bought it in April. It started with the locking, now and again it wouldn't lock when I was pressing the key... I'd turn the engine on and try again and usually it locked fine, after a few attempts atleast...
  15. C

    06 Sprinter 4x4

    Hi, I currently run a 2015 Sprinter 313 for my courier business and have owned several over the years but I am looking at a 2006 313 MWB 4x4 for a camper conversion. It has a slight whining noise from from drive and a little sticky in gear change - 168k miles - £4,500 ? has anybody any...
  16. W

    Mercedes Sprinter - Loss of power (P0252)

    Hi, I'm not that good when it comes to cars and mechanics. I've had my 2011 - 313 Sprinter for a while now and I have had the error 'P0252 Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control “A” Range/Performance (Cam/Rotor/Injector)' for sometime. The van lacks power, sometimes as soon as I start it, it...
  17. ivandraganov

    Manufacturer specific code Sprinter w906

    Anyone that can help,I have P1955 code and won't clear...is it a glow plugs relay?
  18. V

    Mercedes Sprinter Ball Joints

    Afternoon. I have just had the front end knock on my late 2006 (facelift) Sprinter 311CDI looked at and have been told need to replace both lower ball joints. The garage said it was easier to replace both control arms rather than trying to get the ball joints out. They quoted £800 inc parts...
  19. M

    Sprinter Colour

    Okay so in a family of 5 there's no agreement. Looking at the following three colours, in no particular order of preference. The van will be glazed throughout Cavensite Blue Aqua Green Pearl Silver
  20. M

    Sprinter 316 Auto

    We're just looking to order our first ever MB. It will be a medium wheelbase standard roof 316 Automatic converted to a drive from wheelchair/interchangeable front passenger wheelchair accessible conversion. Has anyone else gone down this route, either private purchase or through Motability...
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