1. coupe deville

    Computer spyware

    Just been on British Gas website to do gas and electricity meter readings. 5 minutes later had a phone call ( not BG, tape message ) informing me I am on the wrong tariff. WTF !!!!
  2. crockers

    Spyware / Trojan / Warning

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me.. I keep getting a warning flash up telling me I have a trojan ..then one saying spyware.. then telling me to click on a button to find out how to delete it. I get directed to a a website trying to sell me spyware / virus removers...
  3. esox

    Spyware - how many :-0

    I do spyware checks regularly. I`ve had an issue on the lappy for a few weeks. Called AOL helpline and they asked what spyware i was using - to which i replied "AOL`s own" OK,he said - go to Lavasoft and download their "Personal" spyware and run that. After running my first scan it detected...
  4. SEM

    Zone Alarm Spyware Detector

    I've just tried the free checker and it has found 16 new ones (or old ones) that the new Microsoft Antispyware missed, Spybot missed, and Adaware missed, cant these all join together or something? :confused:
  5. Satch

    NewDotNet Spyware

    Microsoft Antispyware Beta kept throwing up this one but never managed to delete it properly. Got rid of it by using the links contained below and downloading the removal tool from NewDotNet. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q302463/
  6. Satch

    Microsoft Anti Spyware beta

    Anybody tried this yet? If so any conflicts with SpyBot or AdAware?
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