1. M

    SLK 200 sqeeky roof

    Hi All had a test drive today of a 2007 slk200.. roof was up and very sqeeky where the seal rubbers meet.....is this common....Thanks Steve
  2. S

    Squeaky backend

    Hi All Not posted for a while, been busy moving house, C230K estate has developed a really bad squeek from back suspension, will be having a look tomorrow whilst fitting new brake pads to front, any one experienced this on the 202? I'm sure i can find it but any pointers will help as driving to...
  3. Koolvin

    Sqeeky Window Anoyance fixed!!!

    How many people with Pre-face lift W202 C class have sqeeky windows? well it's a common fault. When it's hot the windows make sqeeky noises and scracth the glass (not good) so here is the fix: ok Iv'e done the rear's, front ones can be done the same way..... part numbers are on the stickers...
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