1. P

    W211 Facelift split/fold rear seat squeak help !!!

    I have a 2006 W211 E320 CDi with the spilt fold rear seat option which comes in very handy However... The nearside rear seat has developed a squeak that is driving me crazy, it must be caused by the mechanism as when the seat is pushed back but not clipped into place the squeak disappears...
  2. N

    SLK squeak from engine pulleys

    Does anyone know if the likes of Gates do an idler pulley / tensioner kit for the 2.3 supercharged engine? I changed both belts as they were looking pretty cracked but I still have the squeaking noise, sounds bearing related to me.
  3. RyanMuller

    squeak (supercharger clutch?)

    Hello, I have a really annoying squeak when I set off from a stand still. The car is a c32 amg with 84k on the clock. It doesn't do it in reverse so I'm assuming its something to do with the supercharger? It sounds like its coming right from the front of the car. Is my car toast? Ryan
  4. G


    My W221 has developed a loud squeak from the front right wheel. When stationary or driving I can hear the squeak and I can even hear it in the cabin. I've checked the steering fluid and looks ok and there's no tightness in the steering. Just the annoying noise Any ideas?
  5. Bobsta

    W204 sunroof care / fixing squeak

    Hi folks, The sunroof on my '09 W204 makes a pretty horrible squeak when opening and closing. What's the recommended maintenance on the mechanism and roof seal? It sounds like it needs a lubricant of some sort. Thanks, Bobsta
  6. tcb180

    New Coil Spring W203 Front. Squeak Since Fitting

    I took the leg off and got local garage to change spring for me. I refitted the leg but ever since I"m getting an annoying squeaking stationary or at lower speeds when I turn the steering wheel. Have I fitted it correctly ? The leg went back up in ok but I had difficulty getting the top...
  7. D

    C200 (2010) front end squeak

    Hi all, So last week I noticed a squeak noise coming from the front right end when driving over speed bumps it's a faint noise, but noticeable. I've had the usual knocking noise with cars before caused by the anti roll bar links, but this is a different noise hopefully nothing major will...
  8. S

    2010 ML350 (W164) Power Steering squeak / whine

    Recently took delivery of a very low mileage (20K) 2010 ML350. Car is immaculate, save for one niggle - when the steering is turned at low speed there is a sort of squeak coming from the steering somewhere. It's not the whine that I've heard from other power steering systems under load, much...
  9. M

    w211 belt squeak when turn off engine

    Hi. When very cold outside my w211 has a short squeak when turn off engine. I changed water pump, pulleys, belt. It doesn't make any noise on start up or idling. Only when I shut down engine. What could it be? Sent from my Samsung S5 Mini using MBClub UK
  10. P

    w210 e430 estate load cover squeak

    The load cover/blind in my 2002 w210 e430 is squeaking. It seems to come from the slide rail, which I replaced - no effect. Has anyone had any experience/luck with trying to cure this please.
  11. L

    Funny Squeak

    At low speeds I can hear a very faint squeak from what sounds like the front wheel. It goes at speeds above 35mph. I do have to have the window down to hear it mind. Would this be the wheel bearing? If so is this a DIY job or is it best to get a pro to do the job?
  12. mat8n

    Squeak Squeak squeak

    My brake, I think it's one on the front on my 350 sl is squeaking while you drive along. Just that annoying noise. The brakes work fine. Any idea how to get rid of it? Thanks
  13. M

    W208 CLK Front Suspension Squeak

    Hi All, Been gradually getting worse its a high pitch squeak squeak that appears to come from the from passenger side, notice it at low speeds but have heard it at higher speeds too the same length and pitch, sound like brakes but all 4 disks, pads are new and it was doing it before, lower ball...
  14. R

    W203 Estate Rear Squeak

    Hi all, W203 Estate 2004 c220 cdi, everytime I go over a bump it sounds like a cronky car lol I have changed the roll bar bushes and stabiliser bars also. Made no difference with noise though. Any other ideas?
  15. MWCLS

    CLS squeak noise at idle

    Hi, Had the car serviced at MB 6 weeks ago and I haven't really driven it since what with the crappie weather plus I have a co car. I started the car today and noticed a squeak noise coming from the V belt area, without thinking and checking the pulleys were all turning etc i just sprayed a very...
  16. O

    A150 Brakes Squeak

    Hi all. Was driving round the M25 to work the other day and noticed that when the wheels were straight, my off side front brakes were squeaking... At least I think it was the brakes. However, it stopped whenever a small amount of lock was applied on the steering. I got the front pads changed a...
  17. m2mb

    New engine mounts squeak?

    Apologies for the long post..Car developed an unpleasant, to say the least, squeak from nearside front when driving over potholes. (It is not the creak of an old mattress/squeal/whine, none of these). Just a sharp, short iron to iron friction noise. I can not reproduce it in by pushing the car...
  18. DSB SL AMG

    W211 E55 door trim squeak...

    Hi All, Have developed an annoying drivers side door trim squeak when driving along...any possible causes? Thanks DSB.
  19. ducatiboy

    S class w220 squeak

    My suspension squeaks is this normal
  20. Jay2512

    Squeak from Steering wheel area (dash)

    Hi All, Ive now had my 2013 C220 Sport Plus for a couple of weeks now and over the last few days it has developed the worst annoying squeak in dashboard/steering wheel area. The squeak only happens when driving over bumps/potholes or other uneven road surface. It arises on the bumps over...
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